You're Invited To My Cheap & Cheerful Donut Party

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


It's time for some fun and a whole lot of mess!

For a kids party, there is nothing better than a fun-filled colourful donut party. This concept would work for a boy or a girl, and being so novel I think that this theme would be suitable for all ages - young and old.  

This fun and colourful set up is perfect for the outdoors as you don’t have to worry about all the mess you make! This theme just shouts FUN so go as wild as possible. There are no rules, and if you stick to a couple of colours, you'll be on your way to a winning party set up.

In setting up this little donut playground, I have stocked up on beautiful disposal products; because really - no one likes the clean up after a party! Stores like Kmart and Spotlight have a fabulous collection of donut themed items and the variety is incredible - I seriously had to restrain myself. There are also a number of donut themed party items available online; a quick google search yields many results on everything donut themed that you could ever imagine. I wanted the table to look as crazy as possible - full of life and colour. It had to be as inviting as possible so that everyone who sees it can't resist digging in and having some fun.

By sticking to a basic pastel colour palette of pink and turquoise on a base of white it makes the theme cute and gender neutral. Adding in elements like balloons, party boxes and coloured straws give some height to the table, as well as pushing the fun factor to the max. Donuts are such a cute circular shape. So, naturally the whole party set up was also circular themed; everything from the table and chairs to the plates. I also love how the circular shape works so well with spots and stripes, so I wanted to play up this clashing of patterns. With the finishing touch of a little confetti, it added that extra layer of sparkly fun! 

Do you remember this fun childhood game of hanging donuts from a string? Line up all the kids with hands behind their backs and see who can finish their donut first!

Try and use tables without a table cloth, not only will it make it easy to clean but it also has a more modern feel to it. If you have children, investing in some fun kids furniture will get you through all those party years. Keep the look simple and clean so that you can change the theme without having to change the furniture every time too.

There are also some cute small donuts available now, and I love the idea of flavoured milk - flavoured to match the colour of your theme. Add a fun straw and place the mini donut on top of the small milk bottle. So simple and looks great, and the kids just cant get enough of them.

Even if you are not a huge fan of eating donuts (who are you! I need to know why?) this party set up is so simple and fun. You just can’t go wrong, yum!

Credits: Donuts by Donut King + Doughnut Time. Party plates from Kmart and Hip Hooray online. Rug, table, chairs, straws & blow up accessories from Kmart and pink bowls from Ikea.