Your Summertime Wardrobe

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


Summertime calls for a little overhaul, don’t you think?


You know I love my fashion and come every new season I do like to be prepared, and to get ready I like to have a look around the stores as well as online to see what the latest fashions are. It’s important to know what suits you and what doesn’t, so that when you are shopping you are buying quality, not quantity and dressing in what you know will suit you, and what you know will last.

Summer dressing is all about light layers, items that are easy to move in as the days warm up and I am always looking for ways to incorporate new purchases into my existing wardrobe. This summer is all about white, neutrals and adding a bit of blush pink. Breezy cotton, linens, and lightweight silks are perfect for day and night, and classic shapes like a simple v neck, a culotte and a wide leg pants. Summer is a time when I can be a little more casual than usual during the day, the lighter the layer, the happier I am. Give me a light linen knit over a simple camisole, and I am one cool happy girl! Now that I finally have my ears pierced I can accessorise even more with some fun bright earrings.

Summertime essentials...

Love Kate for their amazing selection of hats 

Bonita Kaftan for airy floaty dresses 

Sassind for classic styles and everyday casual

Bellfrankie for fun coloured jewellery that will spark up any outfit

Carolina for great casual dresses, hats, and accessories 

Beauty & Skincare

Looking after your skin is so important and I have found that since getting older I really need to make this a priority. I love being out in the sun, and although I use 50+ sunscreen every day, I love that my skin goes a little golden and can wear much lighter makeup. Using a bronzer with a luminescent in it to create more of a summer glow is a simple way to feel healthier just by adding a little colour to your skin. You don’t need much more on your eyes except a great mascara, but summer is the time to go a bit crazy so try introducing some into colour to your eyeshadows (Well I am an 80’s girl!) by blending in some soft pinks and golds for a bronzed beach goddess look. For the lips, summer is a time I start using more peachy and rose pink tones; I love that extra boost of colour on my lips.

We should all be obsessive about moisturising our skin throughout summer. As we get older, you really need to take care of the skin on your face, your neck, and your chest. By using more of a hydrating cream to give your skin bit of extra oomph! Always, always have moisturiser with a sunscreen in it.


Summertime Skin Tip

I recently was gifted the most amazing product that I have since become obsessed with. It’s by a brand called Lumity, and it’s tablets that you take morning and night which benefits your hair, skin, and nails. I am loving the result of these tablets and am so surprised that I am noticing such a massive difference. My hair feels stronger and has grown faster, and I have had to get my nails done weeks earlier than usual! Something is working, and I love it.

Bring on summer I say! 


Credits: Clothing by Sassind in feature images of Chyka.