What’s An Event Without Great Music?




What’s a party without great music?

Think about your all-time favourite song and hearing it played in public. How does it make you feel? Do you want to get up and dance? Do you want to hug the person next to you? Of all the emotions that music can conjure, happiness at a party is one we all aim for when entertaining. Making music one of the most important aspects of a party - it can calm, excite, relax and hype up, it can light up a room creating an atmosphere and influence the way you make your guests feel.

Every event needs a soundtrack, and it needs a good one. A playlist that is full of the new and the old, the well-loved and well danced to, because a little music can set the mood. Now, seeing as I just released a book all about celebrating I thought matching playlists for themed events is a must-have so once you are all set up, download your playlist and start the party!

Throwing a party is all about creating moments your guests will remember, music plays a big role in that and that is why we have created a playlist for each chapter of the Chyka Celebrate book. All you need to do is pick your party theme, set yourself up and download the soundtrack to the event. Each playlist has been perfectly curated for your themed event: from the songs selected and the order they are in, to the timing and predicted duration of each event. Because what’s an event without great music?

Playlists ARE NOW available on SPOTIFY now!

There are twelve playlists to listen to and download for FREE. If you are already using spotify all you need to do is search Chyka.com or Chyka Celebrate and you will find the collection of playlists. Simply subscribe or download each list and your next event already has a playlist!

Here’s a sample of what you can expect…

Chyka Celebrate | Rainbow Fun Party

Creating a soundtrack to a rainbow party is as fun as it sounds. Full of sugary sweet tunes that will make your guests smile - the big and small! Taking inspiration from the colourful world of children, we have scoured the vaults for vintage classics, kindergarten singalongs and pop tunes we all can't help but dance to. This is a playlist for everyone, guaranteed.

Chyka Celebrate | Thanksgiving

A day about gratitude and giving thanks deserves nothing less than an uplifting soundtrack. Music has the ability to tap straight into an emotion, so this event calls for a playlist that rests comfortably in the background, humming along nicely as you share your day with loved ones. Love songs, songs of thanks and celebrations of home fill this playlist, comforting all that listen to it and bringing depth to your celebration.

Chyka Celebrate | Summer Beach Party

Summer doesn’t feel like summer if it isn’t full of fresh music and bubbly pop! So with this playlist, we go straight to the shores for inspiration and get a little tropical. The soundtrack is best played on a day in the sun, lounging at the beach and sipping cocktails, featuring samba, pop, retro lounge and of course hits that will get everyone up and enjoying the sun.