What Are Your Plans This Valentine's Day?

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



I have always loved a heart-shaped anything! A muffin tin, wreath, cookie, and the list goes on…


I love the romanticism of what a heart represents and honestly have just loved the whole concept since I was a little girl. Even now when I go into my favorite kind of craft stores, I always walk away with something in the shape of a heart. A card, wrapping paper, stickers. I’m just a die-hard lover of love. So at this time of year when the shops, my Instagram feed, my facebook page are all filled with messages of romance, I'm definitely getting my fill of hearts.

I know for many Valentine’s Day is just another over-promoted, commercial day aimed at making money. And sure, it is. But I also think it’s nice just to stop and tell the people you love that you love them. Whether it’s your partner, your mum, your best friend- whoever. Slowing down to take time to do anything nice in our busy lives is special. 

We all love getting and giving gifts, so shrug off the attitude and embrace the day. Have fun with it, get romantic and share the love with everyone you know. This could be as simple as telling your co-worker they look great today, your child they are special to you and oh so loved or your partner that they are the love of your life.


Creative Ideas for Romantics this Valentines Day



An Emergency Valentines Day Kit

A little Valentine's Day emergency kit filled with a few sweet bits n' pieces could get you out of a whole lot of trouble if this romantic day has slipped your mind. Because I mean really, not everyone can be on top of everything all of the time, can they? I know I certainly can't! However, a quick trip to the supermarket will have your back. Filling a box with your loved one’s favourite things for a night of special treats shows that you care about them.

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A Romantic Valentines Table

I loved setting up this romantic table for two. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to surprise your loved one (or family, or friends - whoever you may love and care for!) and this setting is a simple example of not needing to go too over the top and crazy to create a little romance. I chose to make the hero of this table the beautiful pink and red roses. By choosing these two colours, I placed a few stems into little milk jars that have been arranged to create the shape of a heart. Sweet and simple, yet oh so effective. 

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Creamy & Crunchy Valentines Dessert

Eton mess is a dreamy dessert for Valentine's Day. Simple to pull together and always delicious. Preparing the meringue ahead of time will allow you to build it at the table with your loved ones, making dessert time interactive and fun. My tip is to add chocolate to the traditional Eton mess, my personal favourite is flaked almond milk chocolate as it just adds another textural crunch! 

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Create a Love Jar

Finding new, creative ways to show your love year after year can get a little ho-hum. You can follow the rules and go searching for the perfect gift containing…wood, glass, china and bronze or you can get creative and make a keepsake that is from the heart. Having celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary this year, I have had this little project on my mind and thought it would be perfect, not only for anniversaries but any occasion.

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Credit : Additional heart imagery via pinterest.