Treating Your Travel Worn Skin



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Skin really takes a battering when travelling... 

Daily exposure to the elements can dry it out, burn it up and leave you feeling less than taken care of when your usual regime goes out the window. So unless you travel with a medicine cabinet full of creams and potions, you can return home in need of some serious skin TLC.

My skin routine on holidays revolves around continually applying SPF 50! Particularly my face, chest and the back of my hands spreading the highest factor on. It’s essential, and my favourite sunscreen is by Mecca. But keeping your skin healthy isn’t all about what gets put on the outside. What goes in your body also affects your skin, I’m a big believer in a brand called Lumity Life which produces amazing day and night tablets. These help from the inside out and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that my hair and nails are growing quicker and feel so much stronger. They help towards a healthy immune system, absorption of nutrients, strong bones, muscles, joints and teeth.

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When I returned from my recent holiday, my skin was in dire need of care. Hydrating day and night, and adding in an extra boost during the day if I needed it was something I started as soon as I landed. I love my skin to feel soft and dewy, and this is the perfect way to keep the moisturise around. Every day and night I cleanse my face with Obagi cleanser and toner,  I also use a skin pigmentation cream to stop any unwanted colouring coming through before I use a serum at night before I moisturise and the same in the morning. And one can never forget an eye cream; it is essential to keep that little pocket of skin hydrated. Lips should never be forgotten, and I love having anything from Vaseline to lanolin on them. I know am obsessed with the Mecca lip balm which is next to my bed, in my travel bag and my car! 

Jet Lag is real!

And this time around it has hit me hard. Air travel, especially when crossing times zones, can mess with your body clock and the last thing you want to feel when you arrive home is fatigue and irritability brought on by lack of sleep. I find the quickest way to recover from jet lag is to slot into the local time zone as fast as I can. Depending on the time of arrival, I either push through until bedtime or need to wind down quickly for sleep. Whatever the case there is an essential oil blend that I have recently tried out and am in love with.


doTERRA oils are an essential oil company that create a collection of oils for every single use you can imagine! From uplifting blends that invigorate the senses to calming combinations that can transport you to a blissful state, this little blend has been perfect for soothing jet lag in an entirely natural way.

' Jetlag Be Gone! ' Essential Oil Roller

  • 3 drops of grapefruit oil
  • 3 drops of bergamot oil
  • 3 drops of lavender peace oil

Top up a 10ml roller with fractionated coconut oil or similar carrier oil. Inhale, apply to the back of the neck and on your wrists. Whenever you need a little pick me up, roll again.


When it comes to energy, Peppermint is king. It has this incredible knack at just lifting the senses. It is energising, uplifts and invigorates. You can pop a drop in the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale deeply. I also like to pop one drop under my tongue – look out world, the best kind of pick me up. Perfect to pep you up when fighting to adjust to time zones. To learn more about Doterra essential oils and how they can benefit your life follow on here for daily tips and inspiration.




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