Tips For Every Traveller





Everyone who has travelled will know, plans change at the last minute, so you need to be prepared! I love travelling, and I am away for work and pleasure for weeks at a time, so I feel as though I am pretty qualified at sharing some travel tips. Here are the basics….

  • Do your RESEARCH, search and compare flight details. Flight prices are so competitive so make sure you look around. Is it the best time of year to travel to that destination? Make a short list of where you want to go, what you want to see and how relaxing you want your trip to be. Then choose a country! Booking a flight in advance gives you the chance to plan it out carefully and not be rushed.

  • Get your TRAVEL DOCUMENTS in order. Passports, Visa’s and International drivers licences all take time and money to make sure they are up to date. Make copies of all your passports, itineraries and visas before you leave, leaving one copy with friends or family and keeping one stashed away in your bag (just in case anything goes missing).

  • Plan your holiday wardrobe. Pick cool, comfortable and classic clothing in breathable, easy to wash fabrics. Think about versatile pieces that you can mix and match, knowing you can always shop for what you forget to bring! You must bring a scarf with you! It’s a blanket, shawl, towel, table cloth, pillow & sarong…

  • Check if you need any vaccinations before you leave. Ask your doctor to supply you with a letter for any MEDICATIONS you need to carry with you. Take a little extra medication just in case something happens and always keep it in the original packaging.

  • Search out the places that offer FREE WIFI and turn off your phone's data to ensure you don’t get charged with extra fees while using your phone overseas. Buy all your converters and chargers before you leave the country, that way you can recharge as soon as you land in another country.

  • Convert some of your CASH into the currency of your destination just in case you need money straight away. Familiarise yourself with the conversion rate (there are some easy apps to help you with this) and never carry massive amounts of cash on your person. .


  • A big, deep bag! The bigger, the better, you have a lot of things to fit in there.

  • Magazines or book. I love to relax and watch a movie but always have a backup of something to read if I am stuck in transit.

  • Good headphones, a must! Keep them on even when you fall asleep - no one will bother you!

  • A zip lock bag containing nasal spray - to ward off dry nose which can lead to colds, a hydrating face spray - to keep your skin hydrated and lipgloss - to keep your lips hydrated and looking fresh.

  • iPad & phone. Stock up on podcasts, articles to read and everything the wide web offers. Buying a prepaid SIM card when you arrive at your destination will allow you to use your phone like a local and not come home to huge bills.

  • Small toiletry case. In it, you’ll need panadol, baby wipes, any medications, mints, bandaids, emery board, tweezers.

  • Glasses! For the sun and reading. I am known to bring a few too many sunglasses everywhere I go. I like to have a choice!

  • If it’s a long haul flight, I pack a pair of comfy cotton leggings and a long t-shirt so I can change on the plane and arrive feeling fresh.

  • Cashmere Socks. A luxury everyone deserves. Perfect to slip on once you are on the plane.

  • Wrap. Doubles as a blanket and keeps you snug. Go for a merino wrap that is soft and light but oh so cosy.

  • Eye mask. Getting as much sleep as possible on the plane is one-way ward off jet lag.

  • Travel Wallet. You cannot go anywhere without these essentials so they may as well be matching.

  • A travel wallet is also one of those must-have accessories that I cling to when I am travelling. It holds all the necessary documents, and I am a little pedantic when it comes to packing it! I always keep it in my carry-on luggage.



I love my sunglasses and culling them down when I travel is such a task. I was sent this amazing box that holds four pairs of sunglasses in a cute leopard print case. As a girl who loves to have a variety of things when she travels to be able to condense eight sunglasses into these two boxes was absolutely sensational. A product that allows me to pack them safely and display them easily when I land at my destination truly is a must for every sunglass lover. Unfolding this box with all my sunglasses on display just made it so easy to plan my outfits and see what accessories I had on hand. You can get yours from here!


I’m someone who is obsessed with skin-care I never go to sleep without taking off all my make and following it up with the routine of cleansing, toning… serums you name it - I do it! As I get older I realise how important it is to make this routine consistent and spending a little bit more money on good product is really important.

Liberty Belle have recently launched an incredible skincare range that I am truly obsessed with. A gentle cleanser that I leave in the shower and three different serums for morning and night, an eye cream and a light moisturiser. The packaging is beautiful and I have one set In my travel bag and another in my cupboard at home.

This trip is the first time I have come home feeling that my skin feels just as good as when I left. I find when you travel that sometimes the water ,diet maybe even drinking and eating different foods can affect your skin. Having these Products with me just made me feel so much better. I think sometimes people feel they need to take other smaller bottles away with them but if you can continue your skin care regime you’ll find it so much easier and your skin will thank you for it.