Time For Thank You's...




I’m not going to lie, an event like my book launch doesn’t come together smoothly. 

There are many hands that help us make every event we put on as fabulous as can be. But where do I start? There are the flowers, the food, the lights, the glasses, the invites, the everything! And after months of organisation, it all comes together; everyone is smiling, everything arrived and just like I planned it - everything falls into place.

The Big Group I Thank you for everything, for supporting my ventures and always saying YES to me, even when you thought I was crazy! From the rustic pumpkin and feta tartlets to the oh so fabulous naked cakes (that feature in my book!), for always being so willing to make so much delicious food when I ask for it, for going above and beyond every time, creating the most amazing food in the most creative way possible. 

To the incredible TBG staff who allowed me to dress them all in different outfits, for always having a smile on their faces and nothing ever being too hard to do. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the hard work, enthusiasm and professionalism.

The Design Depot seriously is the best prop supplier a girl could ask for! For making every single event of ours look amazing with your collections of crockery, furniture, seats, tables… basically everything! You can now hire pretty much everything you can see at my launch through The Design Depot Hire. 


Flowers Vasette always hit it out of the park when it comes to their floral creations. Having worked with them for years, I love that they have this ability to make everything look a million times better than how it does in my head. They are so artistic with their floral installations, the book and the launch parties would not have been the same without their input and expertise. And their amazing flowers!


Calligraphy by Moya The most beautiful place settings in the most stunning handwriting, thank you so much. You made the table at my luncheon look so much more personalised and inviting.

Tigger Hall Fabrics really made my luncheon table pop. The cloth was so stunning I could have made a dress out of it (maybe I will) and very nearly stole the show with its beauty. Dean Sunshine Textiles helped me with all my tablecloth and napkin sewing needs.


All Fired Up Pottery made the bespoke ‘frilly’ plates on our luncheon table that was so lovingly made and carefully packaged for their big trip to Melbourne. Each plate is made individually so no two are the same. These beautiful plates were definitely a talking point at the lunch. My plan is to keep these beauties out of the cupboard and turn them into a wall display at the Country property, so watch this space!

Robert Gordon supplied us with the beautiful pink entrée and main plates used at lunch. They matched brilliantly and I think we all know I am guilty of matching anything I possibly can.

Karon Photography always takes the most amazing pictures of our events, and I am so grateful to have had them capture this special event of ours. There really is nothing better than sitting down and looking at images from the night, day or week before. I will cherish the pictures of this momentous event in my life forever. 

Moon & Back Co filmed all of the events for us. Best in the business and I will be showing them off next week right here on the blog.

Dann Event Hire Thank you for the gorgeous Pink Chairs used at lunch, white lunch service tables and Autumn Bench Seats. The pink seats worked perfectly with the printed tablecloth and the floral themed lunch. The bench seats made my Autumn vignettes and table setting look downright rustic, and they fitted in perfectly. And while I am talking about my Autumn set up, a huge Thank you goes to Torello Farm for its amazing produce. The entrance would not have made such an impact without your assortment of pumpkins.


Harry the Hirer were so generous for supply all of my lighting at the front, festoon lighting in garden, the ever important AV system, and catering marquee. Love them!

San Pellegrino & Aqua Panna always serve the most refreshing sparkling mineral and still water that not only tastes good but looks great. Offering your waters in-between cocktails is always a necessity, and I am very thankful for your support.

Urban Products your Llama plush decor is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, and my Peruvian Summer garden wouldn’t have had that extra splash of quirk without your sweet soft toys.

To Jane and Anna at Hardie Grant, thank you for being so supportive and helping me understand the new world of publishing. To Armelle, Karina and Michelle thank you for helping me get the cover I dreamt of. It was such a fantastic day working together with such incredible professionals.

Vasette Dinner 006.jpg

And then there is my A team...

A big thank you to the amazing Lila at Salon 525 who does the most perfect hair and makeup for every shoot plus my launch.. sometimes I am in complete awe of how Lila pulls me together! Shannon for helping dot my I and cross my t’s. You are the best and I have loved working with you for the last 3 years. You keep me on my toes and definitely entertain me with your hysterical stories and quick wit. Thank you for just being you. Lisa... you are the most brilliant photographer and I just love working with you .. your eye for detail and the fun we have creating these beautiful photos is the best. I hope you are as proud of this book as I am. Bronte... you came into my life only a year ago but my oh my, have you changed it for the better. You have organised me and just make things happen.. thank you for all that you do for me every single day.

Last but not least... Bruce, Chessie and BJ. You have all put up with me turning the house upside down when I shoot Christmas in June and cover the house with balloons. You don't mind when I won’t let you sit on the perfectly styled couch or eat the food that’s ready for the shoot the next day... you are all so patient, loving and so understanding. I love you all so much.


Chyka xx