Time For A Break...



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Well, it’s been a crazy 2018 so far and to think Christmas and my 50th Birthday is just around the corner!

This year has been one event after the next…I’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate the publication of my first book, I’ve travelled with family and friends, collaborated with some great brands and all of this I have been able to share with you all. Which I love! This blog means so much to me; it is the perfect way to share my ideas, loves and ins[oration with this vibrant community that has been built over the past four years.

But as life goes, sometimes you need to step back and take a little break. Take time to breathe, regain some energy and focus and work on other projects for a little while. So that is what I shall be doing for the rest of 2018. I’ll be working on my NEXT BOOK which I am so excited about and already part way through the planning, the organising and we are about to start photographing it. I will also be doing a little more travelling, a little more collaborating and a little more relaxing as we head into the warmer months.

I will be updating all my social media platforms as per usual, because yes! I am a little addicted, and I love to stay in contact with the community that has evolved from the growth of chyka.com. I will be still sharing all that I can via facebook - making sure you have yummy things to eat, exciting decorating ideas to inspire you and helping you out about the home with practical tips. So make sure you are following me to keep in the loop of all the goings on.

See you in 2019, where chyka.com will come back bigger, better & more inspirational than ever! Chyka xx