Three Ways To Decorate With Candles

There is no room in my house that doesn’t have a candle. 

It is fair to say that I do go a little overboard but I love them so much I can’t help myself! Because, yes, even the bathrooms have candles, OK….and the laundry! It is not just the aromas that they create that attract me to them; it’s the gentle flickering flames that catches my eye and makes a room feel warm. Having candles en masse is one of my favourite looks and whether it's indoors inside a faux fireplace or outside in hanging lanterns on a balcony, the warm glow of candles creates a beautiful ambience. Having a candle here and there doesn’t work for me, I like mine grouped and in a variety of sizes. The smallest collection being in three and the largest - however many you can get your hands on! 

Candles in the bathroom

Do I need to tell you why a candle should always be in your bathroom? A gorgeously contained, strong smelling candle is mandatory. Burn as soon as guests arrive to fill the space with a heady scent. I have an open shower in our downstairs bathroom and I love mixing it up with a few candle vignettes. It fills a dead space at the end of the shower and is perfect lighting for the room.

Candles on a coffee table

This is a no-brainer, but don’t just stop at one and don’t just burn aromatics. I love using coloured candles, tall and short in a mismatched collection of lanterns, holders and candelabras. This creates the layering and size variation that I adore. You can create an interesting table feature out of candles, books, flowers; the options are endless.

Candles throughout the home

I am no ashamed to say that nearly every surface in my home has a candle. Sprinkling them through the house means whatever room I am in, or entertaining in I can always light a candle. I know, it’s a little crazy but indulge me!




Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.