Three DIY Christmas Decorations To Make

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS: Lisa Atkinson

It's very easy to buy all of you Christmas materials, whatever they may be, but I do think that handmade items are always the best. Here are three super cute Christmas DIY projects to make your Christmas Day more handmade.

When my kids were small, our home was filled with handmade goodies at this time of year, and there is no reason why this tradition can't be continued? Maybe we need to help the kids style to up a little to suit our theme (you know I’m a little obsessive), but so much fun can be had in the lead up to Christmas that will create beautiful memories & momentous for years to come. Who doesn’t love a handmade Christmas card and bon-bon? No one!


Make Your Own Christmas Bon Bons

Bon Bons are a must have on our Christmas Table. Sure you can buy them, but this year I decided to make my own. If you have noticed, I like to be matchy-matchy and seeing as my Christmas this tear is all pink with pom poms, I needed some extra special bonbons to reflect this.


  • Toilet rolls
  • Bon Bon cracker
  • Assortment of pom poms
  • Assortment of mini gifts (or whatever you want to fill them with)
  • Ribbon & Wrapping paper
  • Scissors


  1. Place your bon bon cracker inside the toilet roll and wrap in wrapping paper. Tape the edges together to make a long tube.
  2. Tie one end with a matching ribbon, insert cracker gift in open end and then tie up. Make sure you have tie it so tightly it grabs the cracker.



Make Your Own Christmas Crowns

I needed something gorgeous to use as a place card for my very pink Christmas Table, and this was a simple, yet so effective little DIY I thought I had to share it. Adding the elastic turns it into a cute festive little hat, perfect for the everything gets a little silly!


  • Glitter Paper
  • Thin Elastic
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors


  1. Cut your crown shape from A4 sized paper, zig zagging evenly.
  2. Staple the ends together to form a crown.
  3. To wear as a party hat, cut elastic to approximately 20cm then use adhesive to tape it the inside of the crown.



Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Making cards with the kids is a sure way to get into the Christmas spirit. They don’t have to be perfect; they don’t even have to be specifically Christmas themed - the aim is to have fun with it. You don’t need to spend a fortune, in fact, you don’t have t spend anything! Making cards or tags on white paper is totally fine. Recycling old cards and cutting from magazines and fabrics even would do the trick - it’s about using what's at hand and putting some love into it. 


  • Blank cards, or white paper
  • Assortment of pom poms
  • Assortment of felt sheets
  • Assortment of glitter papers
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


Creating Christmas card designs depend solely on your own style. I have stuck with simplistic shapes using pom poms and craft glue. If it helps, sketch out your designs before you start on the real thing then just have fun with it!

I find that giving myself a few hours and crafting away really is a way to give my mind a break, and at this very stressful time, we all need a bit of that!