The Ultimate Carry On

You have organised your home; you packed like a professional, and now you are finally on that flight. What is in your bag?

As a frequent flyer, my carry on is more like a bag of tricks that can cover all emergencies! When I am travelling I have a carry all bag with me at all times - this bag carries everything I need and more. Because you never know when you are going to need a panadol and a baby wipe so best be prepared.

Tips for your Carry All

  • A big, deep bag! The bigger, the better, you have a lot of things to fit in there.
  • Magazines or book. I love to relax and watch a movie but always have a backup of something to read if I am stuck in transit.
  • Good headphones, a must! Keep them on even when you fall asleep - no one will bother you!
  • A zip lock bag containing nasal spray - to ward off dry nose which can lead to colds, a hydrating face spray - to keep your skin hydrated and lipgloss - to keep your lips hydrated and looking fresh.
  • iPad & phone. Stock up on podcasts, articles to read and everything the wide web offers. Buying a prepaid SIM card when you arrive at your destination will allow you to use your phone like a local and not come home to huge bills.
  • Small toiletry case. In it, you’ll need panadol, baby wipes, any medications, mints, bandaids, emery board, tweezers.
  • Glasses! For the sun and reading. I am known to bring a few too many sunglasses everywhere I go. I like to have a choice!
  • If it’s a long haul flight, I pack a pair of comfy cotton leggings and a long t-shirt so I can change on the plane and arrive feeling fresh.
  • Cashmere Socks. A luxury everyone deserves. Perfect to slip on once you are on the plane.
  • Wrap. Doubles as a blanket and keeps you snug. Go for a merino wrap that is soft and light but oh so cosy.
  • Eye mask. Getting as much sleep as possible on the plane is one-way ward off jet lag. 
  • Travel Wallet. You cannot go anywhere without these essentials so they may as well be matching.
  • A travel wallet is also one of those must-have accessories that I cling to when I am travelling. It holds all the necessary documents, and I am a little pedantic when it comes to packing it! I always keep it in my carry-on luggage.


Tips for your Travel Wallet

  • Your passport of course!
  • I always have a pen, extra clear bags for putting liquids in. 
  • All documents, visas, hotel details, etc.. so it’s easy to grab when you’re in a taxi.
  • Business cards, you never know who you will meet in your travels!
  • Currency for where you are going - I always change a small amount so I’m ready.
  • Australian coins for airport arrival when I get home.

I use travelling as a great time to go through my phone and delete old photos, emails and texts, so there is plenty of room for new things. I am packed and ready to go!




Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.