The Perfect Father's Day

I am always looking for interesting ways to dress a table.

This Father's Day I want to create something special and a little left-of-centre, and I think I achieved that with this table setting which is based on the theme ‘handy dad’. I loved going a little crazy in the hardware store, my local two-dollar shop and Provincial Home Living to gather all the ingredients for a fun table setting for Father’s Day.

With this table, I am going for more of a masculine look so I stuck with the tones of black, white and grey. As hard as I tried, I just had to include a pop of colour! It is the start of spring after all and daffodils are looking gorgeous at the moment. These very simple pots that you can get everywhere at the moment, and once the setting is dismantled they’ll go straight into the garden. I love buying new things to decorate with that don’t just sit in the cupboard once it's done, so styling with flowerpots is an always a go-to, as I love having potted flowers about my garden and home. To keep the table masculine I chose these slate grey Atticus Embroidered Linen Placemats and coasters by Provincial Home Living. They work so well with the crisp white linen napkin - very business like, I think! I added a cute touch to the napkins by decorating them with some iron-on moustache and sunglasses transfers I picked up for a steal at Spotlight; I love that they give it a quirky little touch.

I always like to add something unexpected to my table settings to create a talking point and this time, I grabbed a few paintbrushes from the two-dollar shop. They link directly back to my theme of ‘handy Dad’ and can also go straight into the shed for use once finished with. A centrepiece is a must for all my table settings, whether it be flower filled or candle filled, you always need something to focus on. These wooden white letters from Provincial Home Living work perfectly next to my very handy saw, which of course I will cut the bread with before I relocate it to the shed! I love using the saw as a bit of fun and decoration; keeping it light and carefree but always sticking to the theme.

A table cannot be finished unless you have some sweet treats for everyone, now can it? To push the theme just that little bit further I had to get the hammer out! Smash up that chocolate brittle and share it around.

So what do you think? Have I inspired you to create a unique Father’s Day table setting for the special men in your life?

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Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.