The Launch of Chyka Celebrate




There really is nothing more fun than a launch!

Excitement is high, stress levels are getting up there and last minute adjustments are all I can focus on. But I am so excited to say that ‘CHYKA CELEBRATE’ is finally out there in the world. In all its hardcover glory, pre-ordered copies should be filling your letterboxes (a huge thank you for all the pre-orders!) and the hashtag #chykacelebrate is in full swing where I can take a sneak peek of all your copies.

The theme of this launch was ‘Everything you need for the perfect party’ because Hello! If there are a few things I know well, being party prepared is one of them (so much so, I wrote another book!) And this launch came together like a dream. As I’ve always said, pick your theme and then get creative - and that is exactly what I did. I wanted my launch to be bright, fun, interactive and delicious. A theme as broad as this rely’s on one thing to work - an abundance of colour. I love all things bright and colourful and throughout the book there is colour everywhere so of course this had to play a major role when styling the event.

Inspired by a painters palette, I looked at collecting everything an artist would use to decorate a crazy colourful scene with, from the painters palette that we dined off to paint tins of cocktails sipped on arrival, from delicious dips being squeezed from paint tubes to a self serve rainbow salad bar that shone so brightly it really became a delicious focal point.

Chyka Celebrate is about celebrating life. Coming together with friends and family to acknowledge milestones, religious events and days of significance, and celebrating in a way that will create lasting memories for all that attended. And by making my table a bright, creative and interactive I knew this launch would be one my guests would never forget.

Thank you very much to these collaborators for making the launch event as spectacular as can be.

Mont Marte For being my one stop shop for all art supplies, paint, artist palettes, easel name tags, canvases, etc. What a selection to choose from, I really did go little wild!

The Daily Edited How good are the pink bumbags on staff? Absolutely love them and such a cool way to brand our gorgeous staff creatively.

Lost In LA Thankyou so much for sharing your Calessino cart that I loved styling up for the front entry.

Studio G I absolutely loved having Jackie, a gorgeous mural artist create such a beautiful backdrop throughout the event, it was so inspiring to watch her create with such fun and colour.

Nikos cakes Because no one leaves home empty handed! A take home dessert in tin can was the perfect solution.

My online store will be stocked with signed copies in the coming weeks, as we patiently await delivery you can purchase your copy of CHYKA CELEBRATE right here. Enjoy!