Ten Things To Do In Dubai

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh


There is no other place on earth quite like Dubai.


The glamour, the shopping, the eating, the absolute luxury of it all; this is a country that should be on the top of everyone's bucket list. Over the past forty years, the growth has been spectacular with new developments popping up faster than the next, all bigger and better than the last. Home to the tallest building on earth, the most extravagant shopping malls and a desert you can escape to, it is a country that ticks all my travelling boxes.


Ten things to do in Dubai…

  • Take a lift to the top of the Burj Khalifa ~ the tallest building in Dubai and look at the incredible view.
  • Dubai waterpark
  • Red dune desert safari
  • Sand surfing
  • Sunrise hot air balloon flight
  • Day trip to Abu Dhabi
  • Watch the sunset in the desert with a traditional meal
  • Helicopter flight
  • Snow skiing in Dubai Mall
  • Take a desert Camel trek



Mall Shopping

In Dubai my favourite malls to shop and eat at are Dubai mall and the mall of the emirates are my two favourites. Both have no shortage of shops and activities to do!


Eating out 

When it comes to eating out in Dubai, you are spoilt for choice With every nationality available at every price range too; you can eat at a mall, local restaurant or any one of the familiar chains you find at home. Thursday night is a big night out in Dubai so if you are choosing a well known or popular place don't forget to book; especially if you want to eat later in the night, which is very much the done thing here due to the heat.

My favourite restaurants in Dubai are…

  • Coya
  • Zuma
  • Buddha Bar
  • Zheng he's
  • Nobu
  • Hukama
  • Pier Chic



Where are you travelling to next?


Credits: Supported Images of Dubai via pinterest