Summertime In The Garden

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


January is all about lazy days and relaxing...


Having spent December in an absolute flurry of parties, dinners, entertaining, shopping, wrapping and eating, I am sure we can all agree that downtime is so very much needed! And what better way to unwind than in the garden. 

Having just moved into a new home, my pottering has gone into overdrive. My garden is double the size and I am so excited to have a pool to lounge about in, but lounging about means gazing into the garden and being filled with ideas. So if you have some time and need a little garden inspiration look no further...


Make your own miniature garden

I loved making this as a little girl. I would spend hours decorating and redecorating, talking to my fairy’s or little ladybugs and just losing myself in the fun of it all. This is a simple and cute DIY, perfect for a school holidays project. The fun thing about this miniature garden is that it can be designed with any little person in mind. Don’t be confined to fairies, gardens for trucks, cars, tiny animals, bugs and so forth are also great options to explore.

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A simple way to grow herbs

Creating a simple planter box and growing herbs is a great weekend project, and especially if you have kids. For your children to learn and appreciate where their food comes from is crucial. Lesson’s as simple as all your food doesn’t come from a shop, or a packet, you planted that, and now you can watch it grow into something you can eat - these are valuable lessons. 

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Give your pots a summer makeover

If you have a small balcony garden, try potting herbs and succulents of different varieties and sizes for a contemporary look. If you wanted to get a little crafty, you could also mix it up a little by painting a pattern on the pots in your desired colour scheme. I have loved seeing brightly decorated vessels popping up in stores. 

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  • Plant a small herb garden. Whether it be in pots or a garden bed, I love that herbs can reward you twice. Once for looking great and secondly in your cooking, cocktails or simply grouped in a vase. They are cheap to buy, easy to replace and smell fantastic.

  • Trim those branches back! If you are like me and look out to a garden of large trees, there is something about taking a saw to some unruly branches. Decluttering your garden as well as your home can feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
  • Go to the local nursery and buy some colorful pansies to brighten up your garden. Plant them where you can see them from inside your home; I love looking out and seeing little pockets of colour in my garden.
  • Fill old terracotta pots with herbs, succulents or a collection of flowers - this is a great way to recycle old pots and bring them back to life!
  • If you love the sound of birds, encourage them into your garden with a hanging birdseed feeder or birdbath. 
  • Create a special place where you can enjoy a cup of tea and some time out - even if it is just to daydream. Giving your mind a break and your body a rest is something we often forget or put off in our busy schedules. 
  • Sit quietly on your back step or in your favourite sunny spot to just think. By giving yourself just 10 minutes a day to plan and think about the day ahead can really make a difference. It's all about starting your day in the right frame of mind, being the best that you can be; for yourself and others.