Store Your Jewellery In Style

I love my jewellery. I really do.

But I am sure you already knew that! I definitely live by my self imposed rule of more is more is more! Just like in my home decorating style, I love to layer my jewellery as well. I do have quite the selection and when planning my dressing room a lot of consideration was taken when it came to storing my collection. Jewellery can be damaged so easily, and more scratches and stone losses happen when jewellery is being stored than when you are actually wearing it.

I have a few drawers that I keep my goodies in and can be found just opening and closing them, staring and smiling to myself! I really am in love with them all. I only wear clip on earrings so when I find style that I like that are clip on - watch out! My statement necklaces are a little out of control because I do wear one nearly every day, there is no better way of dressing up a simple outfit, or even a basic tee with a gorgeous blinged out neck piece. Keeping these items in great condition is very important as all jewellery is an investment, even my items that come from chain stores. I treat each piece equally and try to maintain them so they last for years. Like my shoes and my clothes, I colour block my jewellery. So when it comes to matching a necklace to an outfit I'm not searching through to find the perfect piece, it’s all played out in front of me; neat, orderly, organised. 

Tips on keeping your jewellery in shape…

  • Carefully clean your earrings once a year, even for those pairs that are not regularly used. Jewellery is all about maintaining the shine, and that won’t stay if they are kept hidden away gathering dust in a box.
  • Not everyone has their ears pierced! Lolita have the best invention for clip on earring, you can put a clip on part straight into the earring and wear then straight away - great for those who don’t have their ears pierced
  • Clear trays with compartments are perfect for items like bangles and beaded bracelets, items that can handle a little wear and tear. Colour coding them in sections make it simple when you are pulling together an outfit. My silver hangs together in a gorgeous cluster and although they are a little tricky to pull apart sometimes I do love the way it looks so I can’t bring myself to seperate them all!
  • Line your drawers with rubber matter from Howards Storage or IKEA to protect your pieces that little bit more.
  • Always with your very good jewellery keep separated, keep them boxes for storage. Some items of jewellery is a big investment. You want to keep these ones as pristine and untangled as possible. Fabric lined boxes are best.
  • If a stone or attachment accidentally chips, buy nail polish the same colour to match so you can repair it. A simple colour dab is sometimes all it needs to bring it back to life.
  • I always keep a pair of pliers and extra jewellery rings for when something is loose so I can fix it myself.

  • If it’s a cheap, costume jewellery I sometimes buy two so if one breaks or a stone falls out I can replace it from the other. Got to love the back up!
  • Always take your jewellery off when cleaning, playing any sort of contact sport and putting on makeup. Not only can it scratch yourself (or others) it could possible damage stones or clog with dirt etc..
  • Cleaning your jewellery should be done with a proper cloth, not a tissue that can leave fibres stuck in crevices. Also avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower as the build up of soap can dull your bling.
  • One last thing - take inventory of all your jewellery. If any gets lost or stolen this list will come in handy. A picture with description and where it was purchased is enough. Store that list safely!

My sunglasses are another accessory I keep adding to….oops! Like my jewellery I do change them nearly everyday and I have plenty of colours I need to match to so keeping them out where I can always see them is my solution. Once again I like to keep them colour blocked and in order, always with a packet of lens wipes close at hand for that last minute polish before wear. When the arms start to stretch or a I notice a scratch I take them straight to the sunglasses shop to get fixed. It’s one of those good habits we all need to stick to - if it’s broken, get it fixed straight away otherwise the likelihood of it ever being fixed is…never! And of course, always keep a box full of my sunglasses cases, they are perfect for when you travel.

What are your storage tips?




Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.