Welcoming Springtime, My Favourite Season!



Tulip Table 027.JPG

With all the excitement of my recent book launch, I forgot to sit back and celebrate the start of my most favourite season - SPRING!

I love nothing more than going for nice long walks on those early spring days to get a glimpse of local gardens just bursting into bloom. To see the short (but sensational) sprinklings of colour coming from blossom trees and of course, getting hit with that smell of jasmine in the air. Is there nothing more divine?

My obsession in flowers goes all the way back to my childhood. Spending days with my grandmother in her garden creating posies, pressing flowers and just pottering, watching the love and creativity my mother has for her country garden is also a massive springtime inspiration. She has the most amazing field of daisies that just glows each Spring (which you can get a glimpse of in Chyka Celebrate). Flowers are my everything, I have to have them!

One beautiful way to celebrate spring blooms is by focusing on one favourite and making them the start of your next outdoor table setting. A lovely bunch of fresh tulips to set the scene for a perfectly sweet, florally table setting. Tulips are looking their best at this time of year, so it makes absolute sense to use them as a centrepiece for this otherwise quite simple, outdoor table setting.

Now when I say 'quite simple’ I am referring to the amount of effort I put in to making this table come together, which was - not a lot! When you have a table cloth as magnificent as this and flowers as divine - you don’t have to do too much at all. As soon as I spotted this Indian printed table cloth at Canvas + Sasson, I knew exactly what I would do with it. Don’t be scared of using print and colour. You don’t always have to stick with safe, go crazy and mix it up when the occasion calls for it. Using bright coral plates like these on white table cloth would be too jarring for my taste, but having them on the print works so well. I love a little bright on bright!

Tulip Table 038.JPG


  • Get your flowers into a warm water vase as soon as you get them, and try to not to overcrowd them in the vase. We all thrive when given a little space to do so!

  • Change water regularly, it's good for the flowers and looks neater.

  • Add a little apple cider vinegar and sugar to your vase to keep water fresh longer, don't ask me how it works; it just does!

  • When you change the water in your vase, trim the stems a little. You can also trim the leaves off the stems, this saves them from dying off and discolouring the water.

  • Once one flower in the bunch is starting to look a little sad, get rid of it.

  • Is your room too hot? Flowers will wilt in winter so keep them in a space that doesn't get too hot.

And, of course, with every amazing table setting and lunch gathering - there must be music!

I have the perfect SPRING playlist for you to entertain your guests with when lounging about in the sun. Full of light pop, some throwback disco classics and something a little on the retro side to get you grooving in the grass. With the playlist slowly building up to some dance floor greats, this is a playlist for all ages. There are twelve playlists to listen to and download for FREE. If you are already using spotify all you need to do is search Chyka.com or Chyka Celebrate and you will find the collection of playlists. Simply subscribe or download each list and your next event already has a playlist!