Silver Wedding Anniversary Ideas

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



It’s our 25th wedding anniversary this year, so I am all about silver at the moment.



Gorgeous old silverware should be out on display! Yes, it should, but sometimes it does not match your home. And unfortunately, most silver seems to be kept at the back of the cupboard and only pulled out on special occasions. Traditionally silverware was given as a wedding gift, maybe a teapot, a vase or an urn. It’s a lovely gift that can be passed down, and I always think it’s such a shame for them to be hiding away in the back of the cupboard. For our anniversary I wanted to bring the silver out to show off, but I can’t just leave them out there on their own, I had to dress them up a little and make them somewhat more functional.

Silverware 013.JPG

Let’s restyle it, bring it into the now and show it off in your home for a fun twist. I love the idea that theses vessels can be used with totally different intentions. A teapot can pour gorgeous smelling bubble bath into your bath at night; a coffee pot can be the container for mixing drinks and serving your friends before a night out, add a plant in them or even some gorgeous bunches of flowers. Group your silver and make a little anniversary inspired floral arrangement, it’s all about taking the original use and throwing that away - think of something new to use it for and work that into your décor.


You must try it; it will give old pieces a new lease on life and turn old silverware into a new item that you will fall in love with all over again. And one with a history to it, now how lovely is that?