Postcard From Venice



Ahhh, Venice! It’s been nearly twenty years since I last stepped on this magnificent island….

And although our visit here is a quick one, let me tell you - it has been a dream. The last time Bruce and I travelled to Venice; it was as young backpackers, and although the divinity of the city hasn’t changed, my appreciation of it certainly has. The laneways, the canals, the GRAND CANAL, the colours, the food, the drinks….everything is just perfection, and I want to bottle up the feelings this city gives me and take it home with me!

Hours can be spent just wandering the streets, there is so much beauty around every corner, from one piazza to the next I am falling in love with the colour, the flowers, the sounds and the sights. It is all so picturesque and beautiful. And sure, you will get lost in the maze of canals and laneways, but that makes for more fun, forcing you to discover new beauty around every corner.

A tour of a local island called Burano was must for this homewares loving girl! It is the home of Linen and Lace but also a gorgeous little fishing town that is lined with colourful houses with gondolas to match. It is well worth the effort of travelling to this town because if you wanted some Instagram perfect moments - this is the place for it! It could not be prettier if it tried, and that, hand in hand with masterful lace making, made for a fantastic day.


Venice is so full of life, like all the Italian cities I have travelled to I have loved walking the streets to see people everywhere, alfresco dining with a drink in hand and listening to music that comes from every piazza. The history of this city is amazing, and I would go into it, but I certainly would not do it justice. I have loved being back in this beautiful place and can’t wait to come back as there is just so much to see and do.



Three of my Venice Loves...

Hotel Love We stayed at the gorgeous Hotel Cipriani which is on it's own island. Sure this sounds a little tricky to get to and from but no - you can water taxi everywhere, so we are getting regular doses of canal rides as we adventure throughout the city.

Dining Love Harry’s Bar - The home of the peach bellini is one of those iconic bars in Venice the is a must. A great place to people watch as you sip on a cocktail and then fuel up for a walk along the Grand Canal.

Daytrip Love The island of Murano - yes the home of the amazingly colourful glass. You really can’t appreciate what goes into each piece until you watch the artisans blowing the glass itself. What starts as a heated lump is turned into a piece of glass art. 




Credits : Feature Image of Venice via, Burano images via Pinterest