Pampering Our Furry Friends



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I love having pets in the home.

After years of pampering my two beloved dogs, I am not ashamed to say that I love coming home to devoted pets. The look on their faces when you walk in the door - it's priceless. My dogs have always been a little on the spoiled side, but that's the way I Like it! A little naughty, a little cheeky mixed in with a whole lot of absolute devotion. 

With the passing of Milo, I have definitely been thinking about how special our pets are to us. How they enrich our lives and how they make so many of us happy. Our pets are our lives and make a big difference in our lives, so I wanted to share with you some older posts that I have created about the pets in our lives...


The Benefits of Having a Dog

What I love most about the dogs is that they make me get out of the house. I can come home so tired, and after one quick look at their little faces I am forced to get them out for a run, and as much as I'd like just to sit down and relax, I always feel so much better for it. It’s a no-brainer why pets are so good for our mental health; they can love and support us unconditionally. They are always available for a chat, a cuddle and an evening in the park.

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Make Your Own Dog Treats

I love treating my dogs to a little something special. Making homemade dog treats is such an easy thing to do and you're dogs will love you that little bit more. I came across a really easy recipe a few years ago; since then I have made these treats so many times that my dogs seem to know when I am cooking them!  

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Make Your Own DIY Dog Chew

It's free and easy to make this unique dog toy from some scrap clothing. I found myself creating these t-shirt chews when the threaded rope toys my dogs loved playing with would always shed string throughout the house; I would also find them chewing on them a little too much and eventually digesting them. The one I made in this project has since been through the wash twice thanks to Milo, so I can tell you now they are a hit!

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