Outdoor Sofa Solutions For Summer

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Shannon McGrath

Outdoor entertaining is essential for me when the weather starts to warm up, and having the right furnishings to accommodate your family and friends is key.

As we enter the summer months we start to spend more and more time outdoors in the sunshine.As such, I think decorating your outdoor space, whether it’s a sizeable backyard, a courtyard or cute little balcony it is just as important as decorating your interior space. So let’s make sure our outdoor spaces are up to scratch. 

Many of us can get stuck in the trap of everything revolving around an outdoor table setting in our outdoor spaces. Don’t get me wrong, an outdoor table setting is great, but this doesn’t have to be your only option for creating an outdoor entertaining space. So, why not mix it up a little and really bring the indoors out with a sofa!?

All year round I use my backyard area for entertaining (call me crazy, but I have been known to host up to ten guests in my backyard during winter!), but when summer arrives my backyard area gets its biggest workout and practically becomes another fully functional room in my home! Having durable outdoor furniture to withstand the elements whilst also being stylish is key, and King Living have an impressive outdoor range for your consideration this coming Summer.

When you think about it, having an outdoor sofa makes so much more sense than an outdoor table and chairs setting. I love the idea of spending lazy Sunday afternoons outside with a good book, but getting comfy in an outdoor table setting for something like this can be tricky. An outdoor sofa can be made to look luxurious and comfortable; entertaining outside becomes so much more relaxing as it forces you to sit down (maybe with a cheeky G&T?), kick off your shoes and really enjoy the outdoors.

A modular unit is my go-to when choosing an outdoor sofa that suits our lifestyle, and here I have chosen to use King Living’s Delta Outdoor suite in the new WeatherWeave™ Driftwood, which is UV and water resistant, featuring hard-wearing materials to withstand the elements. I love to chop and change my outdoor spaces and decorate and redecorate, so having versatile outdoor furniture that I can move and configure to achieve different seating options is a big tick in the box for me! I especially love that it can adapt to become a comfortable sun lounge. 

But of course, you can’t just plonk a couch in your garden! You need to accessorize your outdoor sofa so it fits in seamlessly with your outdoor space. Every outdoor suite needs a side table and/or coffee table to hold a cool drink, a book or a stack of magazines; the Calypso tables (available in three sizes) can be made to match your outdoor suite and look great too. King Living offer a fabulous selection of outdoor accessories to complement their outdoor sofas, and what’s even better is that you can customise your pieces to fit in with your style and decorating taste. I like my spaces to look eclectic and lived it, so having the opportunity to choose my own fabrics, colours and prints really suited my needs.

Outdoor cushions are something that you need to invest in when creating a livable outdoor space. They need to withstand the weather conditions as well as look great - you don’t want to have to worry about them if there is a light shower and they won’t fade in the sunlight. The fabulous thing about an abundance of cushions (not only for comfort) is that if you have a paved or decked area it will soften the look and these softer textures will make your outdoor space instantly more inviting. You all know how much I love the colour green, and for me this is the perfect colour to represent a warm, Summer setting. I have introduced this colour by the way of my cushions. I love matching the green tones of the garden back in with the furniture; it makes the styling of the couch simpler as it blends into its surrounding environment. Paying attention to little details like there is what can turn a well-furnished area into something fabulous that you’ll never want to leave!

You all know I love my potted colour too, so introducing potted plants into an outdoor entertaining space is a must for me! It will soften the overall look and help create your own little piece of paradise.

Summer calls for a more relaxed style of entertaining, so let’s get outdoors and enjoy it!

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