Using Outdoor Lanterns In Your Garden

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

For me, my outdoor space is another room in my home. As such, it needs to be styled with décor and have some visual flair. Everything needs to be considered, especially outdoor lighting.

There are so many options available for outdoor lighting. Spotlights, fairy lights, festoon lights, up-lights from below trees - should I go on? For creating a light with warmth and atmosphere, I love a fantastic lantern. Whether you go all out with some big wooden lanterns or decorate your tables with smaller ones, the glow of light in the evening is just gorgeous and oh so inviting.

When pulling together an event, creating the most magical lighting is vital. It sets the scene, the tone and the mood of the space. The first thing you notice as you walk into a room is the lighting if there are beautiful candles lit on every surface emitting a romantic glow you will feel calmer, more relaxed and it helps you get in the mood to hunker down. If there are bright, vibrant lights, your energy levels will spike and you’ll be looking to get a drink in your hand. If you walk into an outdoor space and there is an abundance of lanterns, you will feel warmer; you will wrap your arms around yourself and bask in the glow. Well, that’s the idea!

I have used lanterns in my backyard for years and in these cooler months, I love the warming glow they create. Like everything and anything to do with candles, I like my lanterns to be big and to be plentiful. Placing them throughout the yard with oversized candlesticks makes a grand statement that I love. You know I love to add more, more, more of everything. Clutter? Too many candles? Too many layers? Those words don’t exist in my decorating vocab!  Fill them with a variety of different sized candles, light them up and shut the door. Wrapping yourself up in a blanket and sitting in your backyard on a cold evening, seated amongst some glowing lanterns with a glass of wine in hand. How delicious!

Care tips for outdoor lanterns


Clean your lanterns regularly. 


Don't leave wax candles in your lanterns on a hot day, or you will have a pool of wax.


Make sure there is a glass surround to protect the candles.


Are you nervous about using wax candles in lanterns? Try using electric candles instead.


Don't be afraid to go big - oversize outdoor lanterns look great.


Cluster different sizes and shapes together for added effect.


Don't be afraid to mix materials together. Clusters of metal and wooden lanterns will work.


Make sure there is air around your lanterns for wax candles to stay alight.


Be prepared and always have a back up of candles so you can refresh when you need.

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