Need A Helping Hand In The Kitchen?

'Style is Attitude'  Tea towels by Chyka.

'Style is Attitude' Tea towels by Chyka.

Do you stand in your pantry staring at shelves moaning ‘there is nothing to eat’?

If you are anything like me, your answer is yes! A cupboard full of food, but nothing jumps out at you. You are hungry but you don’t know what to cook and no, you can’t make that same old trusty pasta again. Making a gourmet meal every night is not reality, even once a week is an effort. A good basis for inspiration is a fully stocked pantry. If your pantry is well groomed and well stocked, pulling a simple meal together is easy. You have all the basics, all you need is a little time and inspiration and a tasty meal is just around the corner.

But what are the basics? What should you stock up on and how should you store it? How long should you cook it for? How long will it last in the freezer? Why do I always have to resort to google when measuring out ingredients?

Pantry Staples

What are the basics every pantry needs? You can download directly right here .

Cooking Times

Got time for dinner? Something taking a little longer than it should? Never muck your timing up ever again with this simple reference guide! You can download it directly right here.

Kitchen Conversions

Time to start cooking but need to convert some ingredients? A simple reference guide is right here for you! You can download directly right here .


These three simple printable sheets will answer all these questions for you. Simply print them out, pin them inside your pantry cupboard or keep them as a reference in a kitchen drawer and you are all set. If you are on a smart phone, simply email the image to yourself (or anyone who may like it!) and print it later on. Too easy!




Credits: Feature Images Copyright © Loonara, Download artwork Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.