My Pom Pom Inspired Christmas Tree

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

This Christmas, rather than decorate my Christmas tree with delicate ornaments or family decorations, I have decided to take a crafts and DIY approach.

Creating decorations for the tree this year was definitely a labour of love. However, a theme is a theme, and it must be stuck to! My theme for Christmas this year was pink and orange - more specifically, pink and orange pom poms. I have made almost 100 pom poms in the last few weeks in preparation for Christmas; I won’t lie and say I loved every minute of it! But like any project, you once you start a job you need to see it through. I had envisaged my tree to be overflowing with pom poms, and I was not stopping until I reached my goal.

The Christmas tree is easily the focal point of Christmas, so making it a vision of beauty is a must. When it comes to adorning the tree with decorations, I believe more is definitely more. As such, my tree had to be engulfed in pom poms! Pom poms are very simple to make, and once you get the hang of it they do become very easy to continue making. 

When taking on the task of decorating your tree, I recommend that you always start with your Christmas lights. For my tree, I like to use warm white, non-flashing fairy lights to add a subtle sparkle to my tree. For a clean and tidy tree keep your fairy lights concealed at the back of the tree. Once my fairy lights are set in place I then start layering my tree with my decorations - in this instance my gorgeous pink and orange pom poms are garlands I found on a recent trip to India. When placing your decorations on the tree, it is important to step back and observe the tree too see where the gaps are - an evenly decorated tree is a happy tree! If you are planning on decorating your Christmas tree with pom poms this year, I would recommend leaving wool tails on your pom poms long enough to knot and tie to your tree. 

Tell me, what is your theme for this Christmas? I’d love to hear.

Learn how to make pom poms for your Christmas tree here.

Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.