My Favourites From Chyka Home



Today is the day I launch my second book, ‘ CHYKA CELEBRATE ‘…But before we do, I want to go back to my first book, Chyka Home and take a look at the celebrations that are happening within the covers. Long lunches, birthday gatherings and any reason to sip on a cocktail is my favourite thing to organise. So before we go full throttle into the world of Chyka Celebrate, let’s celebrate a few favourites from Chyka Home.

A summer romance


“ When it comes to summer flowers, it's all about roses for me, particularly the pale pink, tangerine orange and watermelon tones. There is nothing I love more than walking into my local florist and seeing the new season's roses - the scent and colours are just fantastic “

You know my love for flowers, particularly roses, so creating this setting was an absolute dream. With our barn doored garage as a backdrop, this table setting was amazing. Filled with sweet treats, it was perfect for an afternoon in the sun sipping on champagne and indulging. The naked cake was an absolute showstopper until it started melting in the sun!

A green thumb’s birthday


“ The ever-changing landscape and incredible vistas of the Victorian countryside were the perfect backdrop for this special birthday lunch for my mother. Anyone who walks around my mums property will instantly recognises that she loves gardening. So, what theme do you go with for a green thumb’s birthday? Tomatoes, of course. “

Setting up this birthday lunch was an absolute pleasure when it an be done in such an amazing setting. The lushness of the surrounding gardens just created such a beautiful backdrop. By bringing in fresh potted herbs and an abundance of tomatoes I was able to create a gorgeous table. The simplicity of the palette fed the menu and the lunch went off without a hitch!


Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 9.52.12 AM.png

“ I love Peruvian food. The flavours, spices and textural combinations are truly delicious. There was no shortage of delicacies to choose from when I travelled through this amazing country. The flavours of Peru come from a variety of influences -African, Arab, European and Asian - with a clear focus on eating what is in season and locally grown. So you can only imagine the variety of cooking styles and unique dishes.”

The colours of this chapter give me life! I loved pulling together my collection of cloths and terracotta dishes, creating layers on this feasting tables using rustic wooden boards. Buffet style dining is great for parties where guests can help themselves at their own pace, and by laying out cutlery and plates, condiments and drinks - it’s almost a setup and leave type situation. The masses of ranunculus matched back with colours of the rugs and when standing back and admiring the space, I could not have been happier!




“ Chyka Keebaugh celebrates occasions from around the world and shares her tips, inspiration and suggestions for hosting the perfect themed event.

Covering occasions as diverse as Chinese New Year, Eid, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and so much more.

Chyka shows readers how themed entertaining is done with minimum hassle – all in her signature, accessible style.

Each section provides creative suggestions for decoration, food and drinks, invitations and small gifts. 

Beautifully photographed and illustrated, this is the perfect manual for themed stylish entertaining throughout the year. “

Publisher : Hardie Grant Books

Photography : Gavin Green