Monogramming Magic

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


A monogrammed item is the perfect wedding gift...


Romantic newlyweds love to see their initials intertwined and there is so much in the house that could be monogrammed you really can’t help but go a little crazy. Whether you make your own or leave it to the experts, there is no end as to what can be emblazoned.

For the DIY’ers all you need is some sew on letters and a simple base in which to sew them onto; there is also even the iron-on 'transfer' version so you can cut that craft time in half! It’s all about symmetry, clean lines, using graphic and simple colours. Here's a few ideas that you could add initials on...

  • Tea towels; for the master chef of the house, a simple iron-on to a quality linen tea towel.
  • Pillowcases; even adding something quirky like Mr + Mrs to add a little fun to the trend.
  • Towels; from hand towels to bath towels, a gorgeous collection will be treasured. This the perfect gift for a newborn, and I'm sure their monogrammed towel will always be treasured.
  • Hankies; my Bruce loves his monogrammed hankies, infact he monograms all of his work shirts too! It was one of those gifts that turned into a habit that now has become a necessity!
  • Water bottles; a simple sticker will make your water bottle stand out from the others.
  • Dog's water bowl; even using a monogram on their bowl to make them feel part of the family.
  • Stationary; I love nothing more than a letter on personalised stationary, it just feels so official.

I have loved seeing monogrammed plates pop up in the shops - from Anthropology to the fabulous Australian company Robert Gordon; monogrammed china is having its time in the sun. These are so cute used as place settings for dinner parties but can also be utilised all over the home. A simple monogrammed side plate can be the perfect jewellery holder in the bathroom or on your bedside table, yet they work just as well when having a biscuit and cup of tea. 

Keep it Personal is a fabulous Aussie business that I have loved supporting over the past few years. It just keeps expanding and they are really pushing their creativity when it comes to what they can monogram. From clothing to scarfs, from bomber jackets to caps, their range just keeps growing and the quality is amazing.

How can you bring this trend into your home? Which room needs a little more personalisation?



Credits : Monogrammed china images found via pinterest.