A Life In Colour with Iris


PHOTOS : blue illusion


I cannot tell you what an honour it was to be asked by blue illusion to do a Fashion campaign with the iconic Iris Apfel!

She is a woman I have followed on social media and admired for the last 10 years I love how she owns a look and apologises to no one. She’s a true individual who follows her belief and doesn’t allow fashion or trends to change the way she dresses.

I moved heaven and earth to make sure I could be at the shows in New York and at then a shoot at Iris’s apartment, after all, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. As someone who is a lover of design, homewares and decorating I was so excited to spend the day in Irise’s Aladdin‘s Cave of beautiful treasures.

At 98 years of age, Iris is a woman who is strong, opinionated and just fabulous. She looks you in the eye and talks to you as if no one else is in the room and doing the shoot with her was so much fun and such an absolute privilege. Sometimes when you meet an Idol, you are disappointed that they aren’t who you think they are going to be. Iris was more, And I could’ve imagined, and I will always treasure the day we spent together. I also feel slightly thrilled when she looked through my jewellery and love some of my vintage pieces. A big thank you to Blue illusion for making my dream come true.