Japanese Gift Wrapping

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


Ok, I admit it - there is nothing I love more than wrapping a gift to make it look exciting and beautiful. That is why the Japanese art of gift wrapping called ‘furoshiki’ is right up my decorating alley!


Yes, to the Japanese (and myself) gift wrapping is an art form, and one that takes a few goes to get right! Furoshiki is all about gift wrapping with fabric; it is directly linked back to the Japanese war on waste, which is something we can all learn more about. Japan has a culture that is very big on recycling and avoiding using plastics. Using fabrics to wrap gifts is an easy way to not create any waste at all, as the fabrics can be reused many ways and not end up as land fill.

There are many different ways to wrap items in this furoshiki style, and you’ll find that by using fabrics, it is the perfect way to wrap an awkward item. It's the gift that keeps on giving really! Your piece of fabric wrapping can then move on to its next life as a tea towel, a napkin or anything you like. You can go as fancy or simple as you like, with so many different variations on how you can wrap an object. I have stuck to three simple styles for some basic shapes to get you started as well as creating a handy download for you all to print out and keep in mind next time you have a gift to wrap!

Japan with download.jpg

Download your FREE FUROSHIKI instruction sheet here, print it out then wrap away!