Jackets With Personality

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

VIDEO :: Rod Pilbeam


One of the most amazing parts of Chessie’s party was the bespoke denim jackets that were crafted for each party goer…


Now, I love the idea of all my guests leaving with a little take home something. But seriously, these jackets take the cake! In fitting with the theme, I was so excited when Chessie told me about a fashion Illustrator named Sarah Darby who, amongst other fabulous things, custom designs denim jackets. This was the perfect fit for this crazy emoji party.

Sarah is a fashion illustrator based in Melbourne and created these one-off pieces that each guest could take home. With designs reflective of each guest's personality, they truly are spectacular. We all had so much fun trying on and wearing our jackets, checking out each other's designs, and as you can see they are miniature works of art. I am all about supporting young talent and love that Sarah has created such beautiful, original pieces of art on each jacket for all the guests. All of Chessie's girlfriends were so blown away and felt so spoilt, watching them all see their jackets for the first time and try them on was such a special moment. Clever Sarah has really nailed the look of the moment and these jackets work back so well with whatever you are wearing, I just love mine!

It is such a simple concept and one that can be taken across plenty of different mediums. The possibilities are endless for what you can do with a few patches, a little paint and some denim…

  • By two metres of denim for a tablecloth, lay it out on the dining table and with white paint write all your guests name neatly like graffiti place cards
  • Cut some denim in 30cm x 20cm rectangles, fray the edges and appliqué or hot glue gun some patches on them. Simple yet quirky napkins at your service!
  • Make a square cushion cover with denim and let your kids paint their little hearts out, iron to set the paint and stuff with an inner. Be careful only to spot clean if you have any spills on it.
  • With an old pair of jeans, try your hand at drawing some shapes and scribbles on them in black marker. Add some patches in certain sections, and you've got yourself some bespoke denim!
  • Next time you need to wrap a gift, wrap it in denim, tie the corners together and hot glue gun some appliqués on it. I can guarantee they’ll be no gifts wrapped liked yours.