It's All Things Crustacean For This Table Setting!

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

When was the last time you did something just for fun? Sometimes I need to go a little silly with my décor and settings - just to add some variety. This Lobster table is absolutely silly, but absolutely cute too!

I have set quite a few tables in my time; from bridal tables covered in vines to kids party tables overflowing in sweets. But nothing of late has been quite as fun as this lobster inspired setting. It's completely silly and colourful and it was an absolute treat to pull together! The inspiration came from a party we were putting together in Noosa that required some cool crab shack themed accessories. I loved this theme for a Summer gathering and so I wanted to recreate it at home. It’s as simple as that; inspiration can hit at any time, and it comes in many shapes and forms and crustaceans it seems! Creating a table setting is like setting the stage for the meal and at times it calls for high drama. I think we often keep table settings so white and tonal that we forget there are so many fun colours out there to show off.

Starting off with a theme; as I always do, everything on this table revolves around crabs and lobsters. The vibrancy in the red tones jump off the table, so instead of cluttering it with detail, I have gone simple and let the colour do the talking. Another fun touch is to mix up your napery patterns. You can see how I have kept the palette the same but chosen different designs from Bed, Bath n Table; this gives the table a more relaxed, eclectic feel that I usually achieve by layering plates and glasses. The napkins clash with the Williams Sonoma plates, but they add an element of personality and dash of surprise don’t you think? If you choose patterns and prints that you love in the same colour scheme then magic will follow. Teaming this up with ceramic highball glasses, and white stemmed cutlery this table is perfect for a sunny afternoon, lunching in the garden.

To tie back in neatly with my beach lobster theme, I have used childrens plastic sand buckets from the local $2 shop to hold my cheap and cheerful daffodils (I also got all my crustaceans from there as well!). Adding the yellow spades was a little touch I couldn’t resist to complete the look. I love the pop of colour and the simplicity in the styling - I know it doesn’t make sense to have a spade on the table, but who cares? It's all about having fun and it just works!

So, what do you think? Are you in the mood for little lobster?