It’s All About The Details!



VIDEO : Lucas Dawson Photography

When it comes to planning an event it’s all about the details

Setting up a table in a warehouse space is a good start, but what will make the table the best it can be? What can you do to make your guests excited as soon as they see it? This is one of the first questions I ask myself when I start to plan - how can I make it the best, most creative version of my vision as possible. Let’s use last week’s book launch of CHYKA CELEBRATE as a little case study. I knew I wanted my theme based on an artists palette, using the tools an artist uses and as much colour I could get my hands on. I am obsessed in the bright, textural and colourful so it was a theme that could really be pushed as far as the imagination could go. I also knew I wanted to fill the space with details that were quirky, creative and gave the table that extra WOW. Because it was the details that made this event shine.

As we dined on a long table, I chose to create a little rainbow down the centre. This rainbow was created using flowers in polished silver paint tins and art + craft items that would inspire some creativity within the guests. Starting from pinks to reds, to yellows and through to greens and blues, the rainbow was filled with paints, threads, buttons, tiles, crayons and brushes. Props like these can be used again and again so will never be wasted, consider your next art project already half done! Details that won’t cost the earth but will make a huge impact are simple items like the canvas and easel that we used as a place setting that matched the theme perfectly and was a fresh, clean way to break up all the colour. And how smart are my cutlery holders? They clever pockets sewed at three edges made from paper paint swatches you can pick up at any hardware store - genius!

Three table settings with intricate detailing…

Emoji Party A simple table setting and room decor covered in denim with the details coming from the scattering of iron on emojis. Filling the small space with bright yellow smiley balloons and props from Typo, Spotlight and two dollar stores. Easy, bright, cluttered and the right amount of business for a twenty somethings birthday lunch.

The Perfect Plate Mates One of my favourite things to see on any dining table set up is the use of a mixed pattern. Florals on stripes, polka dots on geometric patterns, flat colours on multicolours. Using clashing designs and creating an unexpected setting is a great way of adding colour and interest to your dining table. Everything else can be simple, from flowers to glasses to cutlery - and then POP! Bright plates that can be mixed and clashed, add that creative detail your guests will love.

An Understated Christmas Table Christmas time always invites you to go over the top, to add more and more until the very last minute. But not with this table. A simple outdoor setting in greys and whites absolutely shines with the addition of the centrepiece - fir branches in white jars. This simple addition is the detail (and a sneaky matching bonbon) that turns this table into a casual Christmas setting.

For more details on suppliers of the CHYKA CELEBRATE launch, please follow this link!