Is Your Home Travel Ready?

It is one thing to get yourself packed and ready for a trip, but what about your home? 

There are a million one things to do before you step on the plane, get in that car or jump on the train. From organising someone to collect your mail, feed the fish and water the herbs. Inside and out needs looking after if you want to come back to a stress-free, organised home. So let’s get a little checklist together to ensure we are all set to go!

Getting your home organised

  • I always do a quick clean out of the fridge. Nothing worse than coming home to soggy vegetables in the crisper! I also make a lasagne and pop it in the freezer - No one wants to cook when they return from a trip and to have a home cooked meal ready to go just lovely.
  • Clean sheets. Getting into crisp sheets is divine at the best of times but when you have spent time away from your own bed, getting into your clean sheets is heavenly.
  • Do that load of washing. Leave it on the clothes horse and deal with it later - just don’t leave dirty clothes in the washing machine, or you’ll come home to some mouldy surprises. Leave your dryer and washing machine doors open so it doesn't smell musty.
  • Put the lights on timers so they are always coming on and the same time everyday. Unplug or turn off the switches for other household items.
  • When friends ask if they can do anything whilst you are away - say yes! Have someone collect your mail,  put your rubbish bins out each week and even just check on your house every few days.
  • Don't forget to cancel the paper, and while you are doing that let your local police station and neighbours know if you will be away.
  • Put all your plants together so it's easy to water or put near your sprinklers. Indoor plants can all have a holiday in your bath! It sounds crazy but if you fill the bath with a few centimetres of water and place your plants in them - they will be fed whilst you are away.

Download your check list right here!

It's a busy time when you are about to head off on holiday so having a handy checklist will ensure you have organised your home. All you need to do is DOWNLOAD YOUR CHECKLIST, print it out and keep it with your luggage. So when holiday time comes, you are prepared!




Photos:  Feature Image by Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.