How To Grow Your Own Mushrooms

I am not a ‘know it all gardener’.

In fact, I call myself more of a potterer in the garden and a flower admirer - I love the idea of a huge, fantastic open garden but in reality, I just don’t have the time to maintain it. My Mum and Dads home, on the other hand, is just that - a vast, gorgeous garden with vegetable patches, rose gardens and ponds set amongst bushland that is just perfect. My gardening dreams live vicariously through them!

Where to grow…

  • Mushrooms love the dark, and they like damp cool spaces with a bit of humidity. They like to be away from draughts and direct heat.
  • If you grow them yourself at least you know they won’t be poisonous.
  • Different mushrooms grow in different soils - some compost, some straw and some wood.
  • If a little doubtful, you can buy a mushroom kit and start from there. This sounds perfect for me!
  • Intakes 3-4 weeks for mushrooms to grow in their perfect environment and apparently their flavours are amazing.

Last time I was walking the property I noticed a lot of different mushrooms growing. This got me thinking about how I could grow mushrooms which lead me to a little online researching. My idea of growing a few mushrooms in a rustic crate was shown down after I read about the conditions and effort that goes into producing them, but it did not dampen my enthusiasm one little bit.

Ever thought about growing your own mushrooms?




Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.