How To Clean Your Baskets

Have you taken a good look at the state of your baskets?

Are they a little grimy? A little dusty? In need of a good clean out? I know mine are. They are the go-to item to just ‘throw stuff in', but they rarely get a good clean out. 

But did you know that after a few basic steps your baskets can be looking as good as new in no time! Due to their nature of their weave, baskets tend to hold a lot of dust. As they are items that are used for storage we often ignore them on the usual cleaning regime and the build up of dust, grime and odd sticky things can be a little off-putting when you empty it out. Most baskets can stand a little water, so don’t be scared to get the hose out on to them. If the basket is particularly delicate, then a simple spray of water and a good wipe down will suffice. 

Tips for keeping your baskets healthy:

  • Rotate your collection. If your basket lives in full sun it will deteriorate faster. Move your baskets around to help their lifespan.
  • Treat them carefully. Some baskets are quite delicate, so be mindful of what you store in them. Test how much they can hold before you stack them with magazines!
  • Line your kitchen baskets with plastic or fabric to protect the wicker and yourself from cross contamination.
  • Keep your baskets away from grease. The oils just stick and make it very hard to clean, so be wary of where in the kitchen you place them.

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Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.