How Is Your Linen Press Looking?

Everyone needs a good linen press! 

You want a nice big cupboard that is clean and easily accessible. One that everyone can get to easily that is so well organised over time you open it you can't help but admire it! I go a little crazy when it comes to making my storage spaces look pretty, and my linen press is no different. Sure there are more important things in life, but I just loved to be surrounded by pretty!

When you look at my press, you will notice I like to get a little bossy and colour block my sheets! Admittedly there isn’t much colour going on in there at the moment, can you tell I'm going through my muted tones phase? But having everything set out this way just makes the whole chore of changing he lines a lot easier to deal with. What I have learnt is that very important to line the shelves with fragrant shelf liners. Nothing worse than putting on a new set of sheets for them to smell a little musty, you want to keep that lovely softener smell and having liners makes all the difference. It’s also important to fold everything neatly so everything is easy to find. If you have the room, a shelf per bedroom is perfect, so everyone knows where their things are. Grouping your linen from SB - KB, with the quilt covers, folded within the pillowslip to keep sets together. Being organised makes everyone's lives easier, and little tips like this can get your home running smoothly.

With bed linen, everyone now and then you need to cull. I know that I hoard - it's okay to want to hang on to kids first sheets, etc.,.. but if its time to go - get rid of them! In saying that, I do have some gorgeous pillowcases gifted to me by my grandmother. I never use them, but I will never throw them away because I love them so much. But old sheets, towels and face washers that are way past their use by date need to be moved on. I always think ‘oh I can use that as a rag’, but you know what? It always ends up sitting in there and taking up much-needed space. So move it on!

The same rules apply to towels. Everyone goes through different styling phases and switching up your towel colour now and then can give a bathroom a whole new feel, so keeping them in colour blocks like your sheets makes total sense to me. It’s always nice to have a stock of fresh, clean white towels - the fluffier, the better, with a few coloured hand towels here and there for a bit of fun. I always make sure I wash them alone, never mixed in with other items. I use half the detergent recommended and never use a softener, instead putting a few tablespoons of white vinegar. I know you should always leave your towels to dry outdoors, but I love to finish them off in the dryer to avoid that crispy, crunchy feeling.

There is nothing better than getting into crispy ironed sheets or wrapping yourself in a luxurious towel; it is one of life’s luxury.




Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.