Get Creative With A Glass Cloche

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


Cloches are one of my most used decorating tools, and this simple little DIY is perfect for the book lover.


These simple glass domes are from Ikea and range from $6 - $9 depending on the size and are one of the most used decorating tools I have. I am always filling them with my collections and rearranging the displays in them. I move them from room to room and depending on my colour love of the month; I am always reorganising - rearranging and reworking.

How to create a literary Cloche ::

This could not be easier, all I have done is peeled off the pages, scrunched them up gently into balls and encased them in the domes. You can place the domes on top of your books on the shelves, style them on coffee tables or in any room of the house. 

Get Creative ::

  • Got a collection of old letters? Love letters from your partner? This is also a cute idea that can be used to display old letters that would otherwise be hidden away and forgotten about in a draw.
  • Use pages from books that mean something to you or have beautiful phrases so that they can be seen.
  • I love the idea to of giving this to a friend with maybe a handwritten note you have written her or the pages from her favourite book.
  • You don't just have to have written words - old maps, cartoons, coloured illustrations also look great and very decorative.

A cloche is such a versatile decorative tool, simple yet so effective don’t you think?