Fundraising Ideas for Daffodil Day

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



I have no doubt that every single one of us knows someone that has been affected by cancer. 



Whether it be personally, a close friend or a relative. We have all been touched in one way or another, and we can all do something. Raising money for this destructive disease is something we should all get involved in. Research for this cause is very important, so it doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is, it’s the thought of getting involved. It can be as simple as buying a bunch of daffodils to support the cancer council or maybe you are thinking of having a morning tea to raise awareness and funds; there are a million and one things that can be done to help out.


What is Daffodil Day?


Daffodil Day is one of Australia’s best known and most popular fundraising events. Every year, supporters and volunteers come together in the community to sell daffodils, merchandise. You can show your support by wearing a daffodil pin this Daffodil Day, or by joining the fundraising efforts. Daffodil Day merchandise is on sale online throughout July and August, but you can donate to Daffodil Day at any time.


Ideas for fundraising with your friends...

  • Morning Tea, invite your girlfriends over for a small donation
  • Cake drive at local school, get the kids involved and helping
  • Movie night with friends, a girls night in with a donation to boot!
  • Who can fill a mason jar with coins? everyone! Now donate that jar
  • Buying daffodils and sell them, another great idea for the kids
  • Gold coin drive at work, collect those coins & throw them in
  • Cake stall, yum! No one can ever say no to that!
  • Trivia night, even amongst friends on a Friday night can raise some much-needed money


Daffodil Day on August 25th is a cancer awareness and fundraising incentive created by the Cancer Council of Australia. You can donate to the cancer council at any time by heading to the Cancer Council website - link provided below.