Fresh Gifts For Dad This Father's Day

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



What do you buy a Dad who has everything?



I love this idea so much, and I am so excited to be able to share this little business with you all as I think it is the perfect Father’s Day gift. The fresh sock co is the gift that keeps on giving, and I can’t imagine that there is one dad out there who won’t get a kick out of receiving a brand new pair of socks every month. Talk about bringing some quirky brightness to your day, especially if your dad is a corporate - this is the perfect way to spice up his suit every day.

Five lucky subscribers have the chance of winning a 6 month subscription to the fresh sock co, that's six fresh new socks for six months (how fab!) so make sure you are signed up as a subscriber to be in the chance to win...

Fresh Sock Co 010.JPG

Dad may be a little on the furry side so why not stock up on some grooming items for Father’s Day? Getting your mister involved in a personal beauty regime is pretty easy these days with all the gorgeous smelling products around, so giving him a push in the right direction is all he needs to keep neat and tidy. An unkempt beard is a pet peeve of mine so keeping them neat and trim is a must, and you know what? It's pretty easy.

Valor Beard Balm Gift box, $35, Aesop Intrepid Gent Gift Pack, $95

Gift ideas for keeping Dad looking cool...

  • Beard Oils, perfect for conditioning and taming the beard if it’s a little scrappy.
  • A good moisturiser,  one with 50+ SPF that moisturises as well as protects. I know it sounds like an advert but we all need to look after our skin. Really!
  • An appointment at the barber, every four weeks for a tidy up, that's the rules so make him stick to them.
  • His signature scent, maybe your dad mixes it up a little, and can't find the exact scent he likes. Get him a section of samples so he can choose and then buy him what he wants, simple.
  • A good beard comb, get that beard trained to grow in a particular direction and help reduce ingrown hairs.
  • Make your dad up his own shoe kit with shoe horn, wax, brush and cloth. New shoe laces also make an old pair look new again.
  • A beautiful box for dad to keep his cuff links in.
  • A leather wallet to keep all of the many cables we have in our lives now neat and tidy.
  • Personalised leather notebook/passport holder/wallet.