Give Me Flowers, Flowers & More Flowers!

One of my fondest memories involves flowers.

As a child I would wander around my grandmother's rambling garden with a basket and secateurs, cutting what I liked and making small posies to give to friends and family. I loved combining different colours and flowers to create something new; it gave me the most wonderful feeling when I had made someone smile by this simple gesture. The joy of giving is more exciting for me than that of receiving and flowers really can say a million things by just looking beautiful.

When travelling, I always make sure to visit local florists. I love seeing what’s in season and inspecting the different varieties. Recently I travelled through Amsterdam and was able to tour a flower wholesaler and the experience was amazing. Being surrounded by such gorgeousness was a dream day for me.

At home, I always turn to Flowers Vasette. If there was ever a happy place for me, it is there; surrounded by buckets of flowers, smelling like heaven and looking fabulous in full bloom. As a business, The Big Group have always opted for blooming opulence for their events. I love seeing trailing flowers hung from unexpected places, vases filled with stems so long you wonder what trees they are sourced from, small vessels filled to the brim with delicate posies. It’s all about creating an atmosphere that makes people feel happy, excited and comfortable. To envelope them in a particular smell that will stay in the memory with the hope that one day when they encounter that smell again, it will take them back to that perfect event. A fantastic florist can do that for you.

I love that certain flowers carry special meanings. They are perfect for all occasions and showing someone that you care for them, that you love them and that you are thinking of them in such a simple way warms my heart. The meanings behind flowers can be found here in this handy download I have created just for you! Print it out and keep it where you store your wrapping paper, so when in doubt of what to gift somebody - flowers with meaning can be a perfect option.

How to get the most out of your flowers

  • Get those flowers into a warm water vase as soon as you get them, and try to not to overcrowd them in the vase. We all thrive when given a little space to do so!
  • Change water regularly, it's good for the flowers and looks neater.
  • Add a little apple cider vinegar and sugar to your vase to keep water fresh longer, don't ask me how it works; it just does!
  • When you change the water in your vase, trim the stems a little. You can also trim the leaves off the stems, this saves them from dying off and discolouring the water.
  • Once one flower in the bunch is starting to look a little sad, get rid of it.
  • Is your room too hot? Flowers will wilt in winter so keep them in a space that doesn't get too hot.

What are your favourite flowers? Do you have a memory evoked only by smell? I’d love to know.