Handy Tips On Making Your Hotel Room A Home



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I love to travel and explore new cities, but I also like to spend my nights cozied up at home - so what do you do?

You set up a little home away from home in your hotel room, that’s what you do! Whether you are on holiday, moving interstate or overseas, it’s little touches like this that can ease the anxiety of travel and make such a difference to your day. Sure it sounds a bit crazy but this is a little ritual of mine that makes me so happy to fall asleep in a bed that is not my own, and it also makes me look forward to relaxing in my hotel room after a long day on my feet. All of these can be picked up on day two of your trip from a quick wander through a supermarket. 

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TIPS ON CREATING your home away from home…


  • On arrival I always FULLY unpack, I make use of the drawers and the cupboards, I spread myself out just like I would at home. I unpack all my jewellery and any other accessories as I  find that if everything is visible, everything will be worn! If there isn’t much room in the bathroom for makeup and moisturisers - use the desk as a station for all these things, spread yourself out and get comfortable.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the hotel for more coat hangers, to take rubbish away etc... that’s what they are there for so don’t be too shy to ask. The same goes with your luggage - If you have too much luggage ask the concierge to stow  in the luggage room, gives you so much more space to relax in.

  • Keep your gadgets charged by having all your charging stations within reach of your bed. It's an automatic reflex to come home and recharge so make it easily accessible! And don’t forget music - pack a portable speaker or use what is already there. There is nothing nicer than getting ready listening to your own favourite tunes.

  • Flowers, I must have flowers! A small posy will do the trick to brighten up your bedside table, and your hotel will always supply you with a vase when asked. You all know I love my flowers, so in every city, I go to visiting the local florists is on my to-do list. A flower market is a great place to pick up what’s local and what’s in season. If they are still fresh when you are ready to leave, give them to your taxi driver!

  • Candles! The smell of a city can seep into your room so if you are like me, and love the aroma of a candle - add it to your shopping list. There are plenty of companies who now create travel candles, small tins that slip perfectly into your luggage - but if I am in a new country, I want to try something new, and by purchasing a small candle, I may come across a unique combination to fall in love with. Just remember never to leave them burning in your room when you sleep or when you go.
  • Stock the mini bar yourself! My travelling days are peppered with pit stops that consist of eating and drinking, sometimes healthy sometimes a little on the indulgent side! I like to stock up on some healthy basics to snack on if I have some time in my room and feel a bit peckish, a small bowl of fruit, some nuts and a few bottles of juice has saved me from many midnight mini-bar raids! So when you are wandering through the local market areas, collect a few items that you can keep in the mini bar.
  • Keep your room tidy! If you go shopping, unpack your clothing purchases and hang them up, if they are homewares and need to be carefully stored, use the cupboards. If the room feels little poky or it set up in a way that isn’t working for you - rearrange it! I do this in most hotels I stay at, and yes! I know it’s a little nuts. I Secretly love when the room service people put everything back where it belongs only for me to move it back again! So you do have to be patient…
  • Hand wash your smalls so you stay on top of your laundry.... and yes I do do this no matter where I go!






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