Entertaining on Australia Day

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



I am a proud Aussie, but another reason Australia Day it is very special to me is that it’s Chyka.com’s third birthday! 



I am so excited that from what started as a way to share my love for all things home, food and the outdoors has transformed into this fabulous site full of all you lovely readers. It makes perfect sense that our birthday falls on Australia Day as I feel that my site has a definite Australian feel; be it in the recipes I share, or the table settings and the crafts that I create. So let’s start off year three of Chyka.com with some fun Australia day entertaining.

Chris' Dips 039.JPG

A simple outdoor gathering is what all Australians are fabulous at. 

Whether it be a spur of the moment get together, a casual BBQ in the park or a more formal sit down event - a grazing platter is always well received. Creating an amazing grazing platter is so easy, so don't over complicate it. A good variety of crackers and dip flavours, as well as fruit, nuts, and fresh herbs are the keys to success. Group foods that compliment each other together and don't over think it when styling on the board; grazing boards are all about that organic and rustic look. 

For more tips on how to create a fantastic grazing platter, you can read all about it here...

How are you celebrating this Australia Day?

This fun table has been decorated with a big collection sourced from two dollar shops and bargain stores. So get yourself down to your local bargain store and show your Aussie spirit to all your guests.

And of course what do all Australians love? A fabulous burger. Entertaining outdoors in summer is something we all do, and having friends over for a BBQ is such a fun and casual way to entertain. You will find the recipe here. Yum!

Ok, Ok I know the pavlova originated in New Zealand, but like so many things the kiwis created, we Aussies have ‘borrowed’ them and sneakily started calling them our own. A fluffy pavlova is such the perfect way to end a meal, covered in fresh fruit - what could be better? This is my favourite recipe, how many eggs have you got in the fridge?