Creative Gift Wrapping For Christmas

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


Spending an afternoon wrapping all my gifts and decorating the tree is my most favourite Christmas past time.


As you can probably see, my Christmas tree is bursting at the seams with decorations. For some, this may be a little over the top, but you know me, and my mantra of more is more is more! It is full of ornaments that I have been collecting for over 20 years - from my travels, some handmade, some gifted, but every single one of them is sentimental.

Christmas Tree 002_small.jpg

I can tell you a story about every one of these ornaments so when it comes to the day where I hang them, it is a lovely sentimental day that is so special to me.  Hand made ornaments, baubles I've lovingly wrapped and carried back from overseas holidays... you name it: I've done it. All in the name of a gorgeous, jam packed tree!

Need some more tips on how to decorate the Christmas tree?

Read more about here from the archives.

Wrapping 004_small.jpg

My wrapping this Christmas is surprisingly simple, but the one common factor is a lush green ribbon. This year I am using a combination of personalised wrapping paper, plain bottle green and a sweet miniature tree paper - all with a touch of green which matches back entirely to the theme of the Keebaugh Christmas - the wreath! I’ve loosened the reigns this year and gone for some printed and flat colors but love that the green ribbon ties it all back together.

Wrapping a gift should be fun and not stressful so being organised is key. When you set yourself up, make sure you have plenty of room to spread out and make each gift as beautiful as can be. When choosing your wrapping, go for something simple, have a variety of ribbons in the same colour but different widths for the different size gifts. Have enough gift tags so you always know whose gift is whose and make sure you have extra tape and sharp scissors to cut those perfect edges.

Wrapping 001.JPG

Get creative with these wrapping ideas…

Let's make it classic shall we? Simple brown wrapping paper with a hand twisted fir wreath, and a gorgeous bottle green ribbon is a perfect look this Christmas. You don’t even have to use fir as a wreath; rosemary would do the job as well.

Having custom wrapping made with your family initials on it is pure genius - no more confusion of who got who what! Using this Personalised wrapping by Love JK is one sure way to make your gifts stand out from under the tree.

Get creative and present your gifts in something completely different….like a Jar! Using the jar as the wrapping, fill it with an assortment of gifts then tie it with a gorgeous ribbon and tag. Simple and efficient, and your recipient can use the jar afterward. 

Love a little DIY project? Take inspiration from this post and make your gift wrap this Christmas. Get the kids involved and make a day of it for genuinely original wrapping.

Adding decorations to your gifts will make your presents shine under the tree. Gifting a beautiful ornament is a lovely tradition to start with your family.