Creative Advent Calendars

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


For the young and the old, an advent calendar is a lovely way to count down to the most exciting day of the year.


There really was nothing more exciting for my kids through the festive season to be opening their advent calendars every day. They did it until they were way too old but it was such a fun activity, and I have the happiest Christmas time memories because if it. Gone are the days of just being able to get the chocolate in the large box that you popped open every day, it seems that some have been getting very creative with their advents and I am excited to discover new ways to present a lovely tradition.

All advent calendars don’t need to hold treats, I know that’s the incentive to stay up to date but having something gorgeous and fun draped over your mantle can bring you equal amounts of joy. But you know me, I would never say no to pieces of chocolate so of course, I couldn’t leave them out all together…

Chyka Christmas 2017 084.JPG

Silly Season Advent Calendar

A combination of pegs from Spotlight and Photo Booth cards from Kikki K make up this colorful calendar. This is all about taking the the silly season to your socials by taking a fun Christmas selfie with the prop of the day.

Jar of Sweets Advent Calendar

Told you I couldn’t resist! 24 chocolate bars in a jar, one for each day- treat you to a little chocolate each day for dessert and it’ll be Christmas Eve before you know it. This is also a fabulous gift idea, just fill a jar with whatever chocolates the recipient loves, tie a ribbon with a mini wreath around the top and you are done.

Advent Calendars 003.JPG

Mini Box houses Advent Calendar

Whether you fill the mini houses (these come with adorable erasers!) or leave them empty, these mini houses are just divine. This nod to the advent calendar makes a strong Christmas statement on their own by merely sitting on a shelf, don’t you agree? A perfect advent for the non-traditionalist. This adorable advent collection is by Kikki K.