Creating A Table Setting With Lemons

I don't think you always need an event or special gathering to set the dinner table beautifully. 

It can be for a simple family dinner or an impromptu meal friends. Any excuses is a good excuse to get those plates out and play around. Let's be real now - at times I set my table just to show off my new plates!

You know that I am always looking at different ways to style and decorate the home with unexpected items, so I recently decided to set a table with a lemon theme for a casual weekend lunch with friends.

I sourced some lemon branches from a friend's garden and scattered a variety of full and half lemons down the centre of the table to create a delicious smell in the room. If you wanted, you could also add some herbs amongst the foliage for added texture. Even lemon brands in a vase as the centrepiece would give a gorgeous lush feel. The green and yellow contrast can be stunning when they are displayed en masse.

I bought these gorgeous lemon plates while I was overseas last year and I love how happy they make me feel. The green cabbage plates underneath just brings out the green in the lemon leaves, and of course, the green serviettes just tones it all down a bit while still creating a bright setting.  

As you look at the table you'll see that it is jam packed with decor, but even still the white lemon plates still shine and are the main focus. Keeping to a basic colour palette aids this and allows the white to stand out amongst the other colours. 

I've layered up the table further with big jugs of water filled with lemon wedges and fresh. If you were to recreate this look, you could continue your decorating around the table with delicious lemon scented candles and if it's hot make up some lemon scented cold towels to hand out to your guests. 

Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.