Creating A Potful of Colour

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


I love that pansies start to thrive after the cold of winter and create such an explosion of colour in every shape and size.


You know flowers are my thing, and when it comes to the beginning of Spring, I start to keep my eyes peeled for the brightest and the best of this season's blooms. The sweet little Pansy is the perfect flower to bring into your home to brighten up those spaces that have been hibernating in Winter. If that dark corner needs a boost, let’s say hello to the humble pansy!

They are also a cheap and easy way to make your garden come alive again. Whether you put them in a wooden box, a glass vase, a wire basket with fresh moss, a terracotta pot or even something as simple as a filler of flowers around the base of a tree, it's something that always looks lovely and makes me smile. It’s as simple as that! Keep an eye on them as they love to spread so keep them in a contained area, but as far as small blooms go, pansies are very easy to maintain, and the array of colours available will guarantee they are a bloom that will suit every home.

How to create the perfect floral planter box…

When I was travelling around Europe, there was nothing more beautiful than looking up the alley ways and seeing an abundance of flowers. In pots, on ledges and in simple planter boxes that decorated their surroundings so easily. 

Pansies are the perfect flower for the Melbourne winter, and filling a gorgeous planter box with colourful blooms will add a touch of floral to your home, both inside and out. A simple planter box is easy to make and best of all - is transportable. Move it about your home to spread the colourful love. 

All you need is a few punnets of pansies, a fun planter box, a garbage bag to line the planter box and pot away! I love gardening that is as cheap and simple as that.

Keep those pansies thriving…

  • Start your pansies growing indoors before you can transplant them outside
  • Plant in Winter for early Summer flowering, or Summer for Winter flowering
  • Pansies like the sun, but not too hot days as they will wilt…
  • Water them regularly, pansies love water
  • A general, all purpose fertiliser will help your pansies healthy and in bloom…
  • Remove dead flowers to prolong blooming and encourage more growth