Creating an All Tartan Fathers Day



Fathers Day Tartan 020.jpg

My Father’s Day lunch is something that I always look forward to..

Like Mothers day, these familial celebrations are all about sharing as much love as you can. Spread it through your entire family, spreading it towards your friends and people in your life that are important to you.

This Fathers day is all about plaids and checks. A lovely dark combination of stripes and checks that has so many colour combinations that the overall look of the table can be up to you. You can find a variety of tartans and plaids at Spotlight or your local fabric store, and it’s as simple as purchasing a few metres for your tablecloth and layering up your colours.

Fathers Day Tartan 021.jpg

I also picked up a collection of tartan scarves from a local $2 shop, which adds texture to the tartan table and was able to fold them and use them as napkins. With a peek of woodgrain popping out here and there to break up the dark and heavy.

What jumps out at you with this table is the mismatch of patterns, almost like a patchwork of prints so I needed something to soften the masculinity of the table. A sweet collection of spring bulbs softens the look, they are light and dainty but grounded on the table with their posts wrapped in extra tartan fabric. To create a little more lightness to the table, I used simple wool textured plates from IKEA. 

Fathers Day Tartan 004.jpg

So now it's time to sit down for a special Father's Day lunch. What's on your menu? I know what's on mine so stay tuned...




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