Create Your Own Donut Making Station

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

Move over cupcakes - it's all about the donut!


Have you noticed how many donut shops have opened up across town? Everything from seriously creative toppings, syringe filled caramel and even ones perched on top of frothy shakes. To me, the hot jam donut was the big treat as a child but now there are so many different choices available I just can't decide what is my favourite!

Inspired by the donut, this fun DIY is easy pull together for a special party. We kept it simple and fun, perfect for little hands to create little messes! I went to Kmart (my new favourite place) in search of a circular board that I could fashion into a round peg board. This is a really simple little DIY that anyone can do with some dow and your Kmart board, or any board for that matter. I simply cut the dow into small sections (10-15cm) and inserted them in the pegboards ready-made holes. This acted as little donut holders for the station - clever right?

This DIY station is a fun game to have at a party. The kids can make their own take home gift and you can really have as much fun as you want. Having this set up in your garden ensures you won’t be vacuuming up sprinkles for the next few weeks, and you can then sit back and let the kids go to town on decorating.

Mixing up some crazy coloured icing and having a variety of sprinkles on hand makes for some fun times for everyone involved. The more toppings the better - you never know you may have a budding donut maker in the mix! Place your donuts on the board and let the kids go crazy.


  • Popcorn with lashings of caramel
  • Popping candy and fairy floss
  • Chocolate flake mixed with broken up peppermint crisp
  • Torn apart section of cupcakes and a dollop of strawberry jam
  • Green sprinkles with a chocolate frog centre
  • Four fads standing on their end and a red jaffa, a mini football field
  • Broken chocolate biscuit and coloured smarties

What is your favourite Donut? Got any donut hot spots we all need to know about?


Credits: Donut decor station by Kmart. Dow from Bunnings Warehouse. Take-home party boxes and bags from Kmart and Hip Hooray online. Pink bowls from Ikea. Pom Pom garland from Adairs Kids.