Chyka x Walnut Melbourne



Wow! It’s been hardly a week and the feedback I have received with this shoe collaboration has been amazing!

With a collection a little bit like me - bright, bold and fun; I so excited that there is a pair of shoes for every social occasion on your calendar. Featuring 13 gorgeous styles and boasting a delightfully feminine colour palette with pops of statement leopard. If you haven’t laid eyes on the Chyka + Walnut range as yet, you can check it out here and if you want to learn a little bit more about the collaboration, you’ve come to right place!

What was the inspiration behind the Chyka x Walnut shoes?

I was so honoured to be asked to collaborate with Walnut shoes on this years spring collection, and I’m so excited that it’s time for the big reveal. I am someone who absolutely loves vacation wear, comfortable shoes and bright colours. I find that in the warmer months you tend to want to wear shoes that are versatile but make a statement. This, to me, was the perfect place to start on my collection. The collection is broken down into a variety of styles. The Wedge, The Sandal, The Espadrille, The Sneaker and The Slide. All these shoes are great wardrobe essentials and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how you want to wear them. I love pink and green and of course had to use this years must have look leopard skin. Tan is also a colour that never goes out and goes with everything. I love layering colours and textures, fabrics and prints. Everything goes together, and there are no rules.

What are your styling tips for the range - day to night?

What I love about this collection is how natural all these pieces are to dress up or down. The rattan slides are a great casual slide that works perfectly as a shoe for the beach or mix it up with a great flowing kaftan for the evening. The leopard sandal in 2 heights allows you to wear with a pair of jeans or to dress up for a night out. Leopard print literally goes with everything and clashing fabrics look even better; this is a timeless sandal that will last you over many seasons. As someone who travels a lot, I know how great a wedge can be. The colours are beautiful and can either be colour blocked with your outfit or stand out alone. Its all about having a play and seeing what works for you.

Do you have a favourite shoe in the range and why?

Hmm... I really love them all and know that I will live in my leopard sneakers, that’s a given... but I am obsessed with the green khaki scalloped wedge. They are so comfortable and I love anything green. I know they will work with so many of my summer pieces and that they are really very comfortable. I could wear these all day and night. Comfort is important to me and these are just that.

Describe yourself in three words…

Fun.... bright ....eclectic

Favourite travel location…

This is such a hard one to answer as I love different places for so many different reasons! If it’s to wear this new collection, then it would have to be exploring the Amalfi coast. I love finding fabulous little family-run bistros making perfect seafood pasta, wandering through lemon groves and swimming at beautiful beaches.. I love how brave the Italians are when it comes to fashion and using bright bold prints. Let’s go!!

What do you love about Springtime in Melbourne?

I truly love living in Melbourne in spring. It’s just so beautiful to watch and see all the new growth and blossoms come out. Colour is everywhere and the sweet smell of jasmine just fills the air with deliciousness, and people come out of hibernation. It makes me want to open all my windows, clean the house from top to bottom and have friends over for dinner. I feel like Melbourne is such a walking city too, and seeing everyone out with their dogs and children is just gorgeous. Apart from the hay fever, what’s not to love about this beautiful time of year?

Whats a typical day on the life of Chyka?

I can honestly say that I have no 2 days alike in my week. I do try and do a few things consistently and the first is a session at the gym with my trainer. I don’t always want to be there but feel so great when I have done what I need to do. I usually grab a coffee and sit in the car drinking it while on FaceTime with either of my kids who live in NYC. A quick shower and change before I go and do a million and one things, appointments, meetings, photo shoots, going to suppliers for the new apartment we are building, catching up with a friend etc. I have a second book coming out in a couple of weeks and hope to start another one towards the end of the year. At the moment I’m busily working on a book tour and signings along with a couple of xmas workshops, moving into a new apartment and designing Walnuts 2020 collection. I speak to Bruce about 3 times a day so we plan what’s on that night if we aren’t going out and talk menu, should we go out, Uber? We also have Otto, our very loved cavoodle puppy and he needs a walk and run around so make sure that happens daily. Life is busy and I am having so much fun. As empty nesters we have a lot more free time and I’m really enjoying that.

What do you do to relax?

This is something I have waited a very long time to do... I hadn’t also realised how very important it is. We have recently finished renovating our house on the Mornington Peninsula and just love going down there. I have a veggie garden that I love pottering in and I have fallen back in love with doing jigsaw puzzles. Im an avid reader and love watching TV so get to do all of this down there. I love dressing super casual and literally have no cares in the world when I’m in my little bubble there!

What advice would you give a young female entrepreneur like yourself?

I always say that to start any business you have to truly love what you do and be passionate about it. Nothing is easy and making mistakes is just as important as being successful. We need to learn from everything we do and not be afraid to ask for help or talk about it. Find likeminded women you can talk honestly with and share your good and bad moments with, women helping women is a very strong and important connection to have. It’s also important to remember that nothing happens overnight and you need to be prepared to put the hard yards in. Keep constantly asking questions and keep educating yourself... surround yourself with a great team who empower you to always be the best you can be.

chyka x walnut melbourne : the summer 2019 collection