Care Packages For Every Traveller

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


As much as I love the idea of my kids going and exploring the world, I secretly wish they would stay neatly tucked up under my wing!


But I know that’s not reality, so I will make sure I send them off with all the love and information I can. Gifting going away care packages are a must in my home. Arming your loved ones with books, easy ways that they can contact home and accessories to help them on their adventures. So here's a few ideas to help get them on their way... 

Send Postcards Buy up a handful of postcards, write your friends address on them and get them stamped and ready to send. When you arrive at your destination send your friends little postcards of love, sharing with them your adventures so far and how much you wish they were with you…

Travel Books I would be lost without my travel books. Sure there are so many apps that can replace the need to carry a book with you, but I love having all the information I need and a map in my hand.

Notepads, Pens + Envelopes A traveller must have these on hand. I don’t care about using the notes app on your phone - handwritten are always better. From writing messages to new friends, to jotting down route tips, addresses and fun places to eat.

Money boxes An excellent way to save up extra change for your upcoming holiday. A little goes a long way! You can also keep these money boxes for collecting foreign coins, my kids always loved playing with foreign coins, and I just find them so interesting.

Australian Novelty Goods A fun tea towel representing your country or the country you have travelled through is great to use as wrapping paper, or wrapping up your travel gifts for friends and family.  And don’t underestimate the icebreaker that is the humble clip on koala! Little kids love receiving these as a fun little gift, and they are so cheap - so grab a few before you leave and get ready for the smiles when you pass the around!

Food Care Package Sometimes when travelling, we just crave a taste of home. So make a foodie care package for your travellers by packing some Aussie favourites - Vegemite, Tim Tams, Minties, Caramello Koalas…all the little things that we love. It will remind your adventurer of home with one single bite.