Book Week With Chyka

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson


I know you already know this - but I am obsessed with reading and always have been. 


I have always loved that a book can transport you to another time or place, it is purely magical. I was always the child who hid under her blanket with a torch to read when I was supposed to be sleeping. I love visualising what a character looks like, their home and putting myself in their shoes every night.

I am an old fashioned girl who loves to read a proper book and am always sharing what I have read with others. At home I love nothing more than curling up with a good book and cup of tea, it is just so relaxing. On a beach holiday I pack ten books as I need and love having the choice of what book to read; yes It’s heavy - but oh so worth it! I love going into a bookshop and asking for their recommendations, and I also keep a note section on my phone for when people suggest a new book for me to read.


Favourite books I read as a child...

Enid Blyton books - I loved being transported away to another place and still have the full collection. I was always given one as a treat and wanted to live in the magic faraway tree.

Beatrix Potter - I loved her books and particularly the drawings. I spent ages trying to copy the drawings on tracing paper. It was all just so magical to me.

Dr Seuss - I loved all the words and clever sayings in these books. So funny, quick-witted and right to the point. It's amazing that these books are still relevant and popular today.


My Favourite Romance Novels...

The Bronzed Horseman Trilogy - I am obsessed with this amazing love story. I hope one day they make this series into a movie as it's such a beautiful story.

The Notebook - How could you not love this incredible story of love? I never get sick of this and love the movie just as much. Nicholas Sparks never fails to produce a gripping romance read.

Bridges of Madison County - I loved every page of this book, and it was the first time I read the name Francesca (we even named our daughter that after this book!). It's such a beautifully written book that makes you want to share in this couple's deep love.


Favourite Biographies I have read...

A Princess Remembers - I love all books on India and this story about the last Maharaja of Jaipur is amazing. An incredible life led by an amazing woman who lived in the beautiful Rambagh Palace; A hotel I have stayed in many times. I love the history and the decadence of the era that she lived in.

A Child Called It - This extraordinary story is heartbreaking but at the same time so incredible because of this boy's determination. Beware, this is a real tear jerker!

A Long Way Home - This book has been talked about a lot recently as it was made into a film called Lion. It is an emotional story that takes you on a journey of a young man from the streets of Calcutta to Tasmania. A story of determination at its best!


A Collection of my Favourite page turners...

Shantaram - Don't be put off by the sheer size of this book as it is a little overwhelming but a definite page turner. This book keeps growing and growing in its largeness but is a fantastic holiday read.

A Fine Balance - This Indian author is incredible at capturing the heart and soul of India. This is one of my all time favourite books as I love any story that shows courage, love and determination.

The Glass Castle - This book is an autobiography that will have you hooked after the first page. A woman is in a chauffeur driven car down 5th Avenue, she looks out her window to see two people scavenging in a bin. They are her parents, and she looks the other way!!